February 21, 2005


Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani was born on August 4th 1930 in Mashhad,Iran to a family of religious scholars.He was named after his grandfather who was a famous scholar and had studied at Najaf.Originally his family is from Sistan an area of Iran and this accounts for his title "Sistani".
His childhood was in his birth place of Mashhad and he went on to continue his religious schooling at Qom in central Iran.Years later he moved to Najaf in Iraq to complete his training under the guidance of Grand Ayatolah Khoei whom died in 1992,naming Sistani as his replacement.Sistani follows the belief of separating religion from politics.Sistani has been the target of numerous assination attempts in the 1990s and he was imprisoned after the first gulf war,being blamed by the Baath Party for the Shia uprising against Saddam Hussein of which failed and resulted in the deaths of up to 20,000 Shia.In 1994 his Mosque was shut down and he was held under house arrest in Najaf.Sistani is revered amongst the Shia of Iraq and it is because of this that he has played a prominent role in current Iraqi politics.Sistani has been questioned and criticised for his silence on the U.S occupation of Iraq and of the U.S seige and destruction of the Holy city of Najaf.His silence was seen by many as acceptance of U.S domination in Iraq.The relationship with the cleric al-Sadr and the supporters of the Shia Mehdi army have been strained over the last few years,al Sadr a nationalist and vehemently against occupation,those views conflicted with Sistani s.In August 2003 the Mehdi army rose up against the U.S occupation in Najaf and a violent exchange lasted for a month,it was at the start of this that Sistani quickly left Iraq to head to London for heart treatment.Many saw a correlation between the 2 events and he was severly criticised for leaving Iraq and the Shia at their most needed hour,others asked why Sistani went to London,a member of the occupation forces,when he could have received medical treatment in Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Kuwait,Turkey,Iran or any other Islamic country and again people correlated this to Sistani being a western puppet.He returned from London some weeks later and helped to bring resolution to the U.S seige and destruction of Najaf.Sistani was then to stay relatively on the sidelines quietly supporting the U.S occupation and the January 30th 2005 national elections of which he and his supporters played a key role.His actions have confused many Iraqi,Shia and the Shia following currently seems to be split between the followers of Sistani,which are mainly the older generation and the followers of al-Sadr which are predominately the youth of Iraq.

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Supporters Of Sistani, Iraq 2004

Portrait Of al-Sistani in Basra,Iraq 2004


February 20, 2005

Muqtada al-Sadr

Muqtada al-Sadr in An Najaf 2004

Muqtada al-Sadr was in born in 1974 in Iraq.He is the defacto leader within Sadr City an impoverished suburb of Baghdad.His father a well respected figure throughout the Shia world was murdered in Najaf along with his 2 brothers by the goverment of Saddam Husseins Baath Party in 1999.Al Sadrs father in law was murdered in 1980 by the former Iraq regime.Al Sadr does not claim the title Mujahid or the authority to issue Fatwas and basis his religious authority on his lineage and not religious education.Between the young and impoverished Shia of Iraq,he is much loved and respected,commanding the Mehdi Army with a following of upto a million armed Shia,The CPA ordered al Sadr to disband the Mehdi army and he refused saying it is "Gods Army and not his and only God can disband it".He has at times a tense relationship with other Shia clerics,he is rumoured to have been involved in the 2003 assination of al Khoei and al Hakim.
Of the initial 2004 U.S invasion,al Sadr stood on the side lines and took command of social services,controlling law and order within his traditional areas,starting a newspaper and small media service.This however was to change when on a peaceful Sadr march against occupation,U.S forces opened fire,killing 12 civilians and injuring dozens more,this action was to be repeated on several occassions,the straw that seemed to push al Sadr over the edge was when his newspaper and media service was brutally put down and disbanded by the occupation forces,resulting in dozens of Shia clerics being investigated and hundreds to thousands of Al Sadr supporters arrested.Al Sadrs,Mehdi army took up arms and fully engaged in resistance combat against occupation forces and those they claimed as collaborators.Joining forces with Sunni resistance elements.When Fallujah a Sunni city in western Iraq was under seige from American forces,Al Sadrs Shia supporters marched to Fallujah carrying water and supplies for the Sunni citizens of the embattered city and it is said that the Mehdi army engaged alongside Sunni resistance elements in Fallujah.In August 2004 The U.S provoked a direct confrontation with the Mehdi army in the Holy city of Najaf,the battle lasted a month causing severe destruction to the City and the Holy Mosque itself with thousands of dead and injured.Al Sadr was to lay relatively low from that period on,though it is said that he and the Mehdi army have been pro active with the resistance within Iraq.


Iyad Allawi

Iyad Allawi,Iraq Primeminister 2004

Dr Iyad Allawi was born in 1945 to a prominent Iraqi family,his grandfather helped negotiate Iraqs independance from Britain and his father was an MP.He became involved in the Baath party at the young age of 15 and was an active in organising against the goverment of Qassim.He was first to meet Saddam Hussein whilst studying at medical school in Baghdad in the 1960 s.He moved to London in 1971 where he continued his education into neurosurgery,he was also to serve as president of the Iraqi Student Union in London and maintained close ties to the Baath Party and it is closely believed that he worked as an intelligence agent for the Mukhabarat (assination squad) financed and supported by the CIA and MI6.The respected investigative journalist Seymour Hersh was quoted as saying that "Allawi has blood on his hands" and that Allawi was directly involved in the killing of Baath Party opposition members in Europe.Allawi went on to leave the official Baath Party in 1975 a reason he has never expounded apon,Saddam Hussein pressured Allawi to rejoin the Party in 1978,although friends warned Allawi that his name was on an assination list.In 1978 Allawi survived an assination attempt when an attacker broke into his Surrey,England home and attacked him with an axe,Allawi was to spend the next year recovering from his injuries.It was widely believed that Saddam had personally organised the assination attempt.It has been rumoured that on his recovery,Allawi was recruited and worked for British Intelligence,organising a network of opposition that would eventually topple Saddams goverment.In 1990 Allawi formed the Iraqi National Accord (INA) which was supported by the British,U.S,Jordanian,Turkish and Saudi goverments.The INA consisted mainly of exiled military and ex govermental Iraqi officials.In 1992 the CIA recruited Allawi to act in conjunction with Ahmed Chalabi another CIA asset.The INA was never a real threat to Saddams goverment,though its terrorist acts against Iraq caused hundreds of deaths.In 1996 in conjunction with CIA backing the INA instigated a coup attempt against Saddam led by former high ranking military officers.The coup attempt was a disaster,poorly organised and executed.Saddam Husseins own intelligence officers had infiltrated the INA and its counter insurgency teams were lying in wait.Most participants in the coup were executed and land,factories and all financial assets belonging to the Allawi family was confiscated,estimated at approximately $250 million.The CIA continued to finance the INA.Allawi and Chalabi were responsible for channeling the WMD intelligence evidence of Iraq to the relevant departments in Washington.On May 28th 2004.The INC run by Paul Bremer appointed Allawi as the interim Primeminister responsible for taking Iraq towards democratic electionsiIt was widely reported that Allawi was chosen for his Pro U.S views and working relationship within the CIA.At the end of June 2004 power was passed over to Allawi although this was deemed purely asthetic,the people of Iraq saw Allawi for what he truly was a paid asset of the CIA working on behalf of the U.S administration and not that of the Iraqi people.Allawi immediately went to work cracking down on any opposition to his rule including restrictions on domestic and international press freedoms.A secular Shia he closed Al Sadres Mehdi army newspaper and arrested many of his supporters this led to direct conflict of which the U.S was called in to use a heavy handed military action,which resulted in the deaths of thousand at An Najaf a destroyed town and damaged Holy Shrine,causing outrage not only amongst Iraqs Shias but the whole population.Wide spread corruption was levied at Allawis goverment from missing Iraqi funds to land and agriculture reforms which gave benefit to outside corporations.Allawi ordered the complete destruction of Fallujah an historical city with a population of 250,000.Still today in March 2005 there remains still 200,000 refugees from that city.Allawis advice for running security in Iraq came from the notorious John Negroponte.The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Allawi personally executed 6 suspected insurgents by shooting them in the head.

Researched and written by K.C.Moore edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Allawi with Rumsfield 2004


Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein Ex President Of Iraq

Saddam Hussein otherwise known as Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was born on April 28th 1937 to a family of shepards in the village of Al-Awja,in the Tikrit district Iraq,North of Baghdad.Saddam never knew his father,who either died or disapeared 5 months before he was born, shortly after this Saddams 12 year old brother died from cancer,this had the affect of placing his mother into a deep depression and she tried to both abort the pregnancy and to kill herself.She named the child Saddam,which in Arabic means "one who confronts".Still suffering from depression she refused to care for him and the child Saddam was sent to the family of his uncle,Kahairallah Tlfah,until he was 3.
Later his mother,Subha Tulfah al-Mussallat,remarried,Saddam gained 3 half brothers.His stepfather,Ibrahim al-Hassan treated the young Saddam brutally often beating and abusing him and forced the boy to steal.
Saddam Hussein fearing for his life,fled the family and returned to live with his uncle,a devout Sunni Muslim in Baghdad.Under his Uncles guidance Saddam attended a nationalistic school in Baghdad.At the age of 20 in 1957 he joined the revolutionary pan-Arab Baath Party,of which his uncle supported.In 1958 army officers in Iraq staged a coup and overthrew Faisal II of Iraq.The Baathists opposed the new goverment vehemently and in 1959 at the age of 22 Saddam attempted to assinate the Prime Minister Qassim,Saddam was shot in the leg and fled to Syria and later moved to Egypt where he attended the University of Cairo law school,he was sentenced to death in absentia in Iraq for his part in the coup attempt.Iraq suffered another coup in 1963 although the new goverment was overthrown 8 months later due to factionalism and in party fighting.Saddam was imprisoned in 1964 when an anti Baath group took power in the country.In 1968 another coup was formulated led by a Tikriti relative of Saddam.The coup was successful and named the 31 year old Saddam vice-chairman of the revolutionary command council and vice-president of Iraq.In 1976 Saddam was appointed a General in the Iraq armed forces and rapidly became the strongarm of the goverment increasing his network of influence,control and support within the country.As old age and ailments affected the then president Bakr and weakened his support,Saddams increased and he formerly became president in 1979.Iraq in the past had been split along social,ethnic and religious lines,Sunni versus Shi ite,Arab versus Kurd etc and Saddam went to work in consolidating the country,sometimes through violent means.He modernised the Iraq economy along with the creation of a strong security apparatus to prevent coups.He improved Social conditions implementing a national health service and improved education and working conditions for the people.This was all paid for by Saddams oil and energy strategy which was helped by the 1973 world oil shock.Saddam personally initiated the "National Campaign for the Education of Illiteracy" and the "Campaign for Compulsory free education in Iraq".Over time the goverment established free schooling up to the highest education levels,supported families of soldiers,granted free hospitalisation to everyone and gave subsidies to farmers and fisherman.Roads,rail and the infastructure of the country were built and mining and other industries were developed in the country.In a period of 8 years Iraq was transformed becoming the power house within the Middle East.Saddam introduced sweeping land reforms,taking the agricultural land away from corporate holdings and passing it directly to the peasant farmers,Saddam introduced farm cooperatives,in which profits were distributed in accordance with the labour of the individual peasant,the unskilled workers were given training and became skilled.Govermental expenditure doubled in 1974-1975.All of these early policies when Saddam was vice president managed to increase the productivity of the country and the living standards of the Iraqi people.
In 1979 President Bakr of Iraq made treaties with Assad of Syria,bringing the 2 countries closer together,Bakr resigned on July 16th 1979 and Saddam assumed the presidency.Saddam was to show his ruthless side when he convened an assembly which was videotaped,he claimed to have found spies and traitors within goverment and read out the names of those he thought were involved,each person whos name was read out was removed from the assembly and promptly shot dead.
Saddam Hussein saw himself as a revolutionary in the Islamic world,bring to Iraq secularisation and modernisation,giving women added freedoms and equality within goverment and industry.He took the country away from Islamic Sharia law and established western style law courts.Inorder to unite the various tribes,traditions,languages and religions,his approach was the "carrot and stick" coopting them with benefits to bring them on side with the goverment or repressive actions,most notably he cracked down on the Marsh Arabs where in his anger he ordered the draining of the marshes.Saddam dreamed of a united Arab and Islamic Middle East under his visionary goal,he devoted much rescources to archeological explorations,maintained the museums and artifacts of Iraq and was said to have been extremely proud of Iraqs ancient history often quoting Iraq as the "craddle of civilisation",he was seen many times dressed in traditional Bedouin clothing and even Kurdish national dress,in his effort to unite the peoples.Saddam went onto cultivate the Saddam cult and Iraq was adorned with portraits,statues and paintings of himself.In 1972 as vice president Iraq signed an aid pact with the Soviet union,thousands of military advisors were sent into Iraq to train the Iraqi armed forces along with subsidised military equipment,this relationship between Iraq and the former Soviet Union was strained when in 1978,Iraq shifted towards western influence and the execution of Iraqi Communists.With the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979,Saddam feared a popular uprising with the Iraqi Shia and there was much historical animosity between Saddam and Khomeini the Iranian Islamic leader.Khomeini had been exiled from Iran in 1964 under the Shah and took up residency in An Najaf in Iraq,Saddam agreed to expel Khomeini from Iraqi in 1978.Months after the Iranian revolution,skirmishes broke out along the disputed Shatt al Arab waterway which traditionally has been the border between the 2 countries.Open war fare between Iraq and Iran started on September 22,1980,Saddam and Iraq was supported by both the former Soviet Union and the United States of America.The war rapidly bogged down,becoming a war of attritution that neither side could win.The war officially ended 8 years later in 1988.War left 1.7 million dead on both sides and each countries economies shattered.Iraq was also held to a $75 billion debt from the United States.Saddelled with debt to the United States and its economy brocken,friction between Iraq and Kuwait became evident.The United States through its council led Saddam Hussein to believe that Kuwait was stealing Iraqi Oil reserves,through illegal under ground drilling,this had the affect of angering Saddam and Iraqis further,through Embassy backdoor negotiations,the United States led Saddam to believe that the U.S would not get involved in any disputes between the 2 countries.
On August 2nd 1980,Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait,thus sparking a world wide energy crisis,oil spiked from $10 a barrel to $40.George H Bush gathered an international military alliance and proceded to restore sovereignity to Kuwait,the war was to be fairly short lasting a few months,but devasting for Iraq,the high technology weaponry of the west decimated Iraqs armoured forces,reducing it to a shadow of its former self.The CIA backed a popular uprising of the Shia and the Kurds following the war,yet on implementation the CIA betrayed both,leaving them high and dry,Saddam crushed both uprisings which left an estimated 20,000 Shia dead and countless Kurds.
Iraq was then to enter 12 years of crippling U.N sanctions of which an estimated 500,000 Iraqis died from starvation.Iraq was subjected to humiliating inspections from the U.N WMD inspectors.Saddam Hussein allowed inspectors into Iraq until 1998 when he accused some inspectors of spying on Iraq and trying to formulate a coup against the country,subsequently U.N inspectors were banned.The U.S and Britain retaliated by ariel bombardment of specific govermental targets and enforced the no fly zone.There had always been much tension between Iraq and Israel,Iraq had covertly supported the Palestinians and awarded the families of suicide bombers $25,000.The animosity between the 2 countries great,with the Israeli bombing and destruction of Iraqs Nuclear power station,followed later by the scud missile attacks on Israel during the Kuwaiti war.
The Neoconservative PNAC doctrine under the Bush administration accredited Saddam Hussein to developing WMDs with the premise of using them,together with being involved in the planning and organisation of 911 (both were later to be proved false).In 2002 the U.S issued Saddam Hussein with an ultimatum,subsequently in March 2003 the U.S along with Britain and allies invaded the Sovereign state of Iraq against the will of the U.N and the world community.The initial Blitzkreig was short and the war was won within a matter of weeks.Official events with regard to Saddam Hussein are that both his sons Uday and Quasy were killed by U.S soldiers whilst resisting arrest and that Saddam Hussein went into hiding only to be captured on December 14th 2003 in Tikrit,the U.S paraded a desheviled Saddam infront of the international media,arrested him and held him in detention awaiting trial of which the date is to be determined,Saddam was transfered to a U.S military base outside of Iraq in late 2004.
Unofficial reports have stated another version of events.In that Saddam Hussein was involved personally in the battle at Baghdad airport around April 14th 2003,the same time that the Mainstream media was reporting incessantly on the rescue of Jessica Lynch.Unconfirmed reports from intelligence agencies,have stated that the battle at the airport was intense lasting for some 3 days in which the U.S took extremely high casualties,The battle was brought to fruition with the apparent use by the U.S of a tactical Neutron weapon of which killed thousands of Iraqi soldiers,a Spanish reporter and Saddam Hussein himself.Baghdad airport was closed for months after the battle and bulldozers were seen removing the topsoil,(this is speculation regarding unconfirmed reports).Saddam Husseins own daughter was quoted as saying that the man held in U.S custody is not her father,on his televised court appearance all voice transmission was not recorded,(some have said that this was to stop voice analysis),aid agencies and fingerprint and genetic DNA samples have all been refused by the U.S administration.

Disclaimer.This has been researched and written by one person and is based on speculation and interpretation of news and events.

Written by K.C.Moore and edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Saddam Hussein in 1983

Saddam Hussein at a memorial March

Saddam Hussein After Capture Dec 2003


February 19, 2005


Bush Secret Signals Inauguration 2005 (AP)

George Walker Bush was born on July 6th 1946 in New Haven,Connecticut to parents George and Barbera Bush.He grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas.He has 3 brothers:Jeb,Neil,Marvin and a sister Dorothy.A younger sister,Robin died at the age of 3 in 1953 from Leukemia.Bush was eductated at Phillips Academy (Andover) from 1961-1964 and at Yale from 1964-1968.At Yale he was the President of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the Skull and Cross Bones Secret Society,of which 15 new members are selected each year,many rising to prominent positions within goverment,business and the military,initiates know the order as the brotherhood and a life long alliegance sworn between members.The initiation ceremony of a new Skull and Cross Bones Member takes place inside the grounds of Yale University and a new member is apparently required to lay inside an open coffin surrounded by satanic figurines and effiges and masturbate in front of other members,recanting their life long sexual history (Unconfirmed).John Kerry the Democrat nominee is also a member of the Skull and Cross Bones Society.
Bush was known as a poor student receiving "C" grades an average of 2.35 out of 4.He was renouned for picking up a baseball bat and walking of to the park,rather than picking up a text book,he also enjoyed Rugby.He graduated in 1968 with a bachelors degree in history.Bush enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard in 1968 and served as an F102 pilot until 1972.Current records show that he was promoted twice during his service reaching the Rank of Lieutenant.In 1973 he received permission to end his 6 year commitment 6 months early in order to attend Harvard University.Much controversy has surrounded the events surrounding this part of his life,most notably unearthed by the Michael Moore film "Farenheight 911" in which Moore stipulates that Bush joined the National Guard in order to escape being drafted to Vietnam of which he did not serve and that he was AWOL from duty on many occassions.Moore went on to report that official records regarding his duty had recently been doctored in order to hide the truth.
Bush entered Harvard Business School in 1973 and was awarded a Masters of Business Administration in 1975.Bush was arrested in 1976 for drink driving,he admitted his guilt,was fined $150 and had his driving license suspended for 30 days.Bush married Laura Welch in 1977 and have twin daughters Barbera and Jenna born in 1981.
Laura Bush is not without controversy herself,at the age of 17,she was involved in a car accident that killed her ex boyfriend.The accident report of the time states that Laura Bush ran a stop sign and crashed into another car killing the other driver who happened to be her ex-boyfriend.He was thrown from the car and broke his neck.The police report states that neither driver was drinking and no charges were brought against her.
Critics have argued that this was more than an accident,one person stated "what are the odds of driving on a clear and visible night with good visibility through a state intersection at speed and hitting the car of your ex-boyfriend and killing him ?".Press in the U.S have covered this topic gently,although now it is relatively buried,considered a taboo subject for the media.
Bush described his early years of alcoholism and incessant drug abuse as his "nomadic period" and "irresponsible youth".He apparently gave up drinking and drugs after waking up with a hangover on his 40th birthday in 1986 and according to him has not taken a drop since.
Katherine van Wormer,a professor of social work and writer on addiction treatment,claimed in an Irish Times article on 6th May 2003 that Bush seems to display "all the classic patterns of addictive thinking".She bases this view on her perception that he exhibits "the tendancy to go to extremes," a "kill or be killed mentality,"incoherence while speaking away from script,impatience,irratibility in the face of disagreement,and a rigid,judgemental outlook.Justin Frank a clinical professor of psychiatry and former Salon Magazine writer,has incorporated similar though apparently independant,observations into a book about the president called "Bush on the Couch",which was quoted in a speech by Fidel Castro of Cuba.Bush has also been accused of massive cocaine abuse in the past.In the summer of 1999,many news organisations received an email alleging that Bush had been convicted on a drugs charge,but that the conviction had been expunged in exchange for performing community service at the Martin Luther King Centre in Houston Texas.Records regarding this event have disappeared and are inconclusive.In Febuary 2004,Salon Magazine claimed that Bush s cessation of flying in April 1972 and his subsequent refusal to take a physical exam came at the same time the Air Force announced its Medical Service Drug Abuse Testing Program in which all staff were subjected to random drug testing.Bush became a born again Christian at the age of 40,leaving the Episcopal Church and joining his wifes denomination,the United Methodist Church.His sudden conversion to Christianity conflicts with his membership of the Satanic Skull and Cross Bones society of Yale,Alex Jones Veteran investigative Journalist also found that Bush and his father are members of the elite Bohemian grove,subsection "Hillbillies" an organisation that meets Bi annually,Alex Jones investigations took him inside the Bohemian grove in which he impersonated being a member of the "Hillbilly Clan".He reported that it was a place where homosexual and sexual degradation openly took place,culminating in a ceremony where members dressed in hooded robes enacted a fantasy human sacrifice through immolation in worship to Molech.Alex Jones reported January 2005 that a satanic hand signal was openly used between members projecting a 2 horn devil salute,photographs at the presidential inauguration show Bush, his wife and 2 children openly making these signals.(For More information regarding this visit Alex Jones at www.infowars.com).

In 1978,Bush ran for the U.S House of representatives but lost to a Democrat.He began his carrer in the oil industry in 1979 and established Arbusto Energy an oil and gas exploration company,some of this funding came from Saudi Arabian nationals who were friends of his fathers,this included the Bin Laden family,Bush changed the companies name to Bush Exploration Co and sold the company in 1984 to Spectrum 7 another Texas oil and gas exploration company,Bush was made Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum 7.Spectrum 7 lost money and had major financial problems and in 1986 was merged into Harken Energy Corporation,with Bush becoming a director of Harken.Bush went onto working on his fathers successful 1988 presidential campaign.Bush assembled a group of investors,mainly through his fathers contacts and approached Eddie Chiles the then owner of the Texas Rangers an Arlington based Major league Baseball Franchaise,Bush and his investors in 1989 bought 86% of the franchaise for $75 million,Bush was later to appoint one of these investors Tom Schieffer to the post of Ambassador to Australia.Critics expressed concern over the purchase,charging use of political influence and favouritism involving a family friend.Bush received 2% of the company by investing $606,000,with $500,000 of it as a loan from a bank.He paid of the loan by selling $804,000 worth of stock in Harken Energy in 1990,sparking allegations of insider trading,at the time of the sale it was reported that Harken was about to run out of money in just 3 days time.An SEC investigation ended in 1992 with a memo stating "it appears that Bush did not engage in illegal insider trading",the Chairman of the SEC at the time was Richard Breedon,a good friend of the Bush family who had been nominated to the SEC by George.H.Bush.President Bush has refused to authorise the SEC to realise its full report on the Harken investigation.When the Rangers was sold for $250 million in 1998,netting Bush personally $14.9 million.Bush was the Rangers managing partner until he was elected Governor of Texas in 1994 and was relected in 1998.Bush has been criticized for personally overseeing the execution of 151 convicted criminals while governor,more than any other governor in the history of the United States.Bush made no attempt to intervene on behalf of 151 out of 152 of those condemned and Bush expressed his belief that all those executed were guilty,based on briefings by Alberto Gonzales (currently promoted to Attorney General of the U.S over Ashcroft),even though these briefings failed to mention critical factors,such as that a condemned mans public defender slept through much of the case.In 1996 Bush was summoned to jury duty in Texas.His councel Alberto Gonzales argued that Bush should be excused from Jury duty.In 2000 the jury issue was requestioned and it came to light that Bush had left blank the Juror questionaire section asking wether the individual had himself obtained previous felony convictions.It was concluded that Bush had used his position as governor to avoid disclosing the information,because the conviction was neither included on the written form nor mentioned by Alberto Gonzales,the prosecutor added "I feel i was directly deceived ".

Bush ran and won the 2000 presidential election campaign and was inaugurated on January 20th 2001 becoming the 43rd president of the United States.Bush won by the slimest of margins,boiling down to the State of Florida,supporters of Al Gore were convinced of a fraudulent electorial process in the State,citing voting irregularities among others,Bush s brother Jeb Bush was the Governor of the State of Florida during the election.The process went to the Supreme Court and after deliberation Al Gore Conceeded.His first term as president was extremely controversial,he rejected the Kyoto agreement,then presided over 911 of which many questions regarding his actions and later whereabouts on that day have been asked.In 2002 the United States invaded Afghanistan and displaced the Taliban whom were accused of being involved in training those that carried out 911.Later in March 2003 he ordered the U.S military to invade the Sovereign Nation of Iraq against the will of the international community,the reasons given for the invasion was the holding of WMDs and involvement of Iraq in 911, which both later proved false.Bush has been quoted as saying that he is "a war president,with war on his mind."Many have accused Bush of spending too much time involving himself in wayward and misdirected international affairs rather than on the domestic situation,During his tenure Wall Street collapsed as the technology bubble burst in late 2001,illegal immigration soared into the united states,social and economic budgets were slashed,taxes of the rich were reduced and taxes for the poor rose,oil prices soared to new levels,crime and poverty escalated,whilst many soldiers are fighting and dieing on foreign soil,there is much disharmony at home.
Bush was re elected in November 2004 and inaugurated on January 2005,critics argued again of voter fraud and election irregularities this time in the state of Ohio.
Many positions Bush has appointed have been controversial and he has been accused of giving jobs for the boys.Goss was appointed CIA Chief,Gonzales became U.S Attorney General over Ashcroft,Rumsfield as Secretary for Defense and Dick Cheney as Vice President, whom some feel is the real power behind the administration.Colin Powell stepped down as Secretary of State and Dr Condoleza Rice took over the position,all of Bush s team hold extreme right wing views and many with dubious pasts.
The renounded think tank Senderl and Sons with the website Senderberl.com has incinuated that President Bush and Condoleza Rice are Secret and continued lovers.Dr Rice spends many weekends and vacations with Bush,this is speculation and the opinion of Senderberl and sons,although if true both Dr Rice and President Bush are in a conflict of interest with their positions appointed to them by the people of the United States.

Disclaimer,this is the reasearch,writting and opinion of one individual based on speculation and interpretation of facts and events,it is in the readers interest, if willing, to research the events themselves,this can be acheived by typing key words into any search engine on the internet to give results.

Researched and Written by K.C.Moore edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Laura Bush With Secret Signal Jan2005 (AP)

President Bush With Father Jan2005 (AP)

Bush Taking Presidential Oath 2005 (AP)


February 18, 2005


Blair With Dr Rice Feb2005 (Reuters)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born in Edinburgh,Scotland on the 6th may 1953.His Father Leo was a barrister and later a law lecturer who was active in the Conservative Party,his ambitions to stand for Parliament in Durham was thwarted when he had a stroke, when Blair was 11 an event that affected Blair deeply.Most of his childhood years were spent in Durham,Northern England attending the Durham Choristers School,Blair was educated at Fettes College in Edinburgh,where he met Charlie Falconer whom in later years Blair would make Lord Chancellor.Blair read Law at St.Johns College Oxford after obtaining his degree,went onto enrol as a pupil barrister in the Chambers of Derry Irvine where he met his future wife Cherie Booth,they were married on the 29th March 1980 and have 3 sons and a daughter.Leo Blair holds the distinction of being the first child officially born to a sitting Prime Minister in 150 years.His Son Euan Blair was in the headlines when police found him drunk and incapable in Londons Leicester Square.Blair is of the Anglican Church whilst his wife Cherie a Roman Catholic,their children were baptised Roman Catholic.Many have stated that Tony Blair is the most Devout of Prime Ministers since Gladstone and that Faith guides him in goverment,others find this strange with Blairs apparent Satanic bloodlust, first ordering the NATO Bombardment of the former Yugoslavia and going onto invade Iraq culminating in the deaths and injuries of over 100,000 Iraqis,Blair has neither appologised or tried to stop the subsequent killing in Iraq.
Blair went on to join the Labour Party in 1975,he was involved in the Hackney South Labour Party but failed a selection,Blair then asked Tom Pendry a friend of his father in law for advice and guidance,Pendry advised him to run as the Beaconsfield candidate in a by-election,he lost gaining only 10% of the vote and losing his deposit although this impressed the then Labour Leader Michael Foot.In 1983 Blair ran for selection in the Sedgefield Constituency close to where he grew up of which he won.Once in Parliament he rose quite rapidly in 1984 becoming shadow assistant treasury spokesman and in 1987 promoted to the Trade and Industry team as spokesman for the City of London.In 1988 he entered the Shadow Cabinet becoming Secretary of State for energy and in 1992 became Shadow Home Secretary under John Smith.John Smith died very suddenly and unexpectedly in 1994 from a heart attack and after several meetings with the European Bilderberg Group became Labour Party Leader.Blair revitalised Labour bringing in spin doctors and transitioning the name "New Labour" which some say transformed the party,critics have argued that it was nothing more than gloss and show without substance,in time the critics were proved right.With divisions in the Conservative Party over Europe and the Economy Labour won a landslide victory in 1997.He appointed Gordon Brown as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.It has been widely reported that a power sharing deal was done between the 2 where Blair would hand the Premiership over to Brown after 2 successive terms,Blair later apparently reneged on this deal which has caused a rift between both themselves and their supporters.Blairs Labour Goverment has been filled with controvesy over its tenure,from the Hinduja passport scandal,to twice disgraced Peter Mandelson over fraud allegations of which later Blair promoted to secretary for Trade within the European Union,Jobs for the boys were open ended School chum Falconer he appointed Attorney General,among other positions.Some questioned Blairs ethics in his choices for positions.Illegal immigration became enormous into Britain with increased crime and social problems,Beverly Hughes the minister under the Home Secretary resigned for lying to Parliament in 2004,followed later in the year by David Blunket the Home Secretary himself for lying to Parliament over fast tracking an immigration visa for his partners nanny a Phillipino.Alistair Campbell Downing street press advisor went the same way, resigning over abuse of power in 2003.Blair extended the alcohol licensing laws to 24 hour opening even though Britain was already suffering from a binge drinking epidemic and laws allowing Las Vegas style gambling into Britain has been granted,with Tony Blair knowing that this will bring increased organised crime,prostitution,drugs and social decay.He resided over the War in Iraq of which Kofi Annan of the U.N stated was illegal and against the wishes of the British public,some 2.4 million citizens protested against the war,yet still Blair took the country to war on the premise of WMD,neither which has he adequately apologised to the British people for misleading the country to war or to the 100,000 Iraqis that have been either killed or maimed by his actions,still after all the original justifications for war have evaporated British troops are still in Iraq with no apparent exit strategy. He is in the process of signing away many of Britains powers to Brussels in Belgium.
His closeness to President Bush has earned him disdain not only internationally but domestically.Some would argue that Blair is a hard working,thorough and decent man, working on behalf of the people of the country,others would state that he is a self serving dangerous ego maniac that is concerned more about his appearance and his place in the history books,Under his tenure crime,alcoholism,drug abuse and immigration have become epidemics in Britain.he has done much to destroy the National Sovereignty and Culture of Britain that no other Primeminister has done before.An attempted impeachment was announced on August 25th 2004 citing that Blair had "caused injury to the state" and "breached his constitutional duties"by lying to Parliament,the Impeachment an ancient constitutional law was backed by Plaid Cymru a Welsh Political Party,none the less,such an attempt is unlikely to succeed as Conservative MPs have been instructed not to sign the motion and Liberal Democrat support is patchy at best.Blair suffered minor heart problems and was diagnosed with tachycardia of which he underwent treatment.Blair suffers much ridicule within the Press and the General Public at large,his name is often changed from Blair to B Liar.One old man was quoted as saying that "Blair tells so many lies that he must be suffering from a mental medical condition","so i do not know wether to be angry at him for incessantly lying or pity him for being ill".

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Blair And Brown with Mandela Feb2005 (AP)

Blair and Mandela In London Feb2005 (Reuters)



Cheney Taking V.P Oath 2005 (AFP)

The U.S Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney was born on January 30th 1941 in Lincoln Nebraska to Richard H and Marjorie Cheney and grew up in Casper,Wyoming where he met Lynne Vincent his childhood sweetheart and future wife at the age of 14.His father worked as a soil conservation agent for the Department of Agriculture.Cheney was a keen athelete at high school and represented the school at boys state in football in which he played the halfback.Graduating in 1959 he was to spend the next 6 years working on power lines and was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union.In 1964 he married Lynne Vincent (an ex Mustang Queen and State Champion Baton twirler).Under President H.Bush she was chair of the National Endowment for Humanities,from 1986-1993.She now calls for the abolition of the agency and discontinuance of the National Endowment for the Arts,claiming that both foster cultural corruption.She is now author and college teacher.Cheney has 2 daughters one of which is a lesbian and active in gay rights issues.Elizabeth Cheney the eldest was born in 1966 and is married with 4 children,she graduated with a law degree and has worked as an international law attorney and now for the State Departments Near East Affairs Bureau.
Cheney spent 3 months at Yale University and then left for a period,returning again only to leave 1 month later partly due to very poor grades.In 1962 when he was 21 he pleaded guilty to 2 drink driving offences in Wyoming after these events Cheney decided to straighten out his life and in 1963 enrolled in Wyoming University where he began earning straight A s.He received his bachelors degree in 1965 and masters degree in 1966 both in political science,he went on to study his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin,but left and entered politics before completing his studies.Cheney evaded service duty in the Vietnam war receiving 3 deferments 2 for studying and 1 for becoming a new father.
In 1969 he served in a number of positions at the U.S Office of Economic Opportunity as a special assistant to Donald Rumsfield.Under President Ford,Cheney became Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff and was campaign manager for Fords 1976 presidential campaign,while James Baker served as campaign Chairman.Cheney helped formulate the White House Response to the death of Scientist Frank Olson along with D.Rumsfield (See Rumsfield Profile for full story).
In 1978 he was elected to the House Of Representatives,representing Wyoming and was re-elected 5 times serving until 1989,from 1981-1987 he was Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee being elected Chairman of the House Republican Conference in 1987 and House Minority Whip in 1988.During his tenure he voted against making the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King a national holiday,he was also against the creation of the U.S Department of Education.He was known for his vigorous advocacy of the states petroleum and coal businesses and the federal building in Casper is named in his honour.He opposed sanctions against South Africa for its apartheid policies and voted against the release of Nelson Mandela from prison,then he described Mandela as a "terrorist" although today he calls Mandela "a great man".
From 1989-1993 he served as Secretary for Defense under George H.Bush.He directed Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East.In 1991 he was awarded the highest U.S civilian honour,the Presidential Medal of Freedom.In 1993 he joined the American Enterprise Institute and in 1995 he became Chairman and CEO of the Halliburton Company,a worldwide energy services corporation with a long history of providing services to goverment and involved in military contractors.Also sitting on the board of directors for Procter and Gamble,Union Pacific and EDS.
In 1997 he along with Donald Rumsfield and others founded the organisation called Project for the New American Century (PNAC),whos goal is to acheive American global domination.While serving as Halliburtons CEO,he headed George W Bushs Vice-Presidential search committee in 2000.Bush surprised many by asking Cheney himself to join the Republican ticket.Cheney resigned from Halliburton July 2000 and put all his corporate shares and stock options into a trust,Cheneys net worth is estimated at between $30 million to $100 million.Cheney to this day receives severance payments from Halliburton.This has raised questions regarding conflict of interests,since Halliburton was granted 10$ Billion in No Bid contracts for the rebuilding effort in Iraq.There was controversy over Cheney living in Texas the same state as Bush when selected as Bush s running mate.This contravened the 12th Amendment of the U.S Constitution that electors shall vote for president and vice president "one of whom,at least,shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves".Cheney has been described as taking a very hands on role in the position of Vice President,Many infact claim that Cheney has more control in running the U.S than Bush Himself and that it is Cheney who runs the American goverment especially in international affairs.Following 911 Cheney has set up a secure undisclosed location for the running of his office and communicates with the White House via secure video phones.On June 29th 2002 Cheney became only the second man in American history to serve as Acting President of the U.S while Bush underwent a colonoscopy.Critics of Cheney have accused him of supporting decisions that indirectly subsidize the oil industry and major goverment contractors and hold that Cheney strongly influenced the decision to use military force in Iraq.Cheneys alleged dishonesty over the justifications for the Iraq war has caused world wide controversy.

Sources Wikipedia,BBC and others.
Researched and Written by K.C.Moore and edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Bush And Cheney Jan2005 (Reuters)

Bush And Cheney Inauguration 2005 (AFP)



Rumsfield Speaks At Pentagon Dec2004

The Current U.S Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfield was born on July 9th 1932 in Chicago,Illinois of German Descent,his grandfather was originally from Bremen in Northern Germany.Rumsfield attended Princetown University obtaining a scholarship in 1954.He went on to serve 3 years as an aviator with the United States Navy until 1957,moving to Washington D.C where he served as an aide to a Congressman from Ohio.From 1960-62 he was employed by A.G.Becker an investment bank,being elected in 1962 to the United States House of Representatives from Illinois at the age of 30 and was successively re-elected in 64,66 and 1968.Rumsfield resigned his position in 1969 inorder to serve within the Nixon administration where he held the position of Director of the United States Office of Economic Opportunity,Assistant to the President and a member of the Cabinet.In 1973 Rumsfield was appointed U.S ambassador to NATO in Brussels,Belgium. In 1974 after the Watergate scandal President Ford recalled Rumsfield to Washington where he maintained the position of Chairman of the transition to the President,White House Chief of Staff and a member of President Fords Cabinet.He became the 13th Secretary of Defense in 1975 at the age of 43,during this 2 year period Rumsfield consolidated the power and influence of the military within the administration at the expense of the CIA and Henry Kissenger,he achieved this by propugating the view that the Soviet Union was increasing defense spending and persuing secret weapons of mass destruction programs,this was in direct conflict with the CIA who s advice was the exact opposite,the effect was an escalation in defense budget spending and a return to enforced cold war ethic,Rumsfield succeded in pushing the acceptance of the views of Leo Strauss throughout goverment.As part of the administration,Rumsfield formulated the White House response to the death of Frank Olson a participant in the controversial MKUltra project,Olson was involved in mind control experimentation and became a security risk after speaking out openly regarding the morality of the work being carried out.Olson was given LSD and apparently thrown to his death out of a motel window in 1953.Olsons family along with the Church Committee unearthed the CIAs domestic involvement and threatened to sue the United States Goverment,White House staffers Rumsfield and Dick Cheney offered the family compensation and high level meetings,the White House maintained that Olsons death was a suicide until this was blown wide open when the Olson family found a CIA manual that had instructions on drugging a victim with LSD and then throwing them out of a window.Olsons body was immediately exhumed and postmortem results have indicated that Olson s death was homicide and not suicide.This story was released by the Baltimore Sun in late 2004.

Rumsfield was responsible in 1976 for ushering George Bush I into the position of Director of the CIA.
Rumsfield was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom,the nations highest civilian award in 1977.From 1977 to 1985 Rumsfield served as Chief Executive Officer,President and then Chairman of Searle and Co,a worldwide pharmaceutical company,it was Rumsfield that got FDA approval for the controversial artificial sweetner Aspartame.During his tenure at Searle he slashed the companies number of employees by around 60%,this financial turnaround earned him awards from the Wall Street Transcript and the Financial World,he is believed to have earned $12 from the sale of Searle to Monsanto.
From 1985 to 1990 he was in private business. During his business career, Rumsfeld continued public service in a variety of posts, including
Member of the President's General Advisory Committee on Arms Control - Reagan Administration (1982 - 1986);
President Reagan's Special Envoy on the Law of the Sea Treaty (1982 - 1983);
Senior Advisor to President Reagan's Panel on Strategic Systems (1983 - 1984);
Member of the U.S. Joint Advisory Commission on U.S./Japan Relations - Reagan Administration (1983 - 1984);
President Reagan's Special Envoy to the Middle East (1983 - 1984);
Member of the National Commission on the Public Service (1987 - 1990);
Member of the National Economic Commission (1988 - 1989);
Member of the Board of Visitors of the National Defense University (1988 - 1992);
Member of the Commission on U.S/Japan Relations (1989-1991)
Member of the Board of Directors for ABB Ltd (1990-1991)
FCCs High Definition Television Advisory Committee (1992-1993)
Chairman,Commission on the Ballistic Missile Threat to the U.S (1998-1999)
Member of the U.S Trade Deficit Review Commission (1999-2000)
Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (2000)
Chairman of the U.S Commission to Assess National Security Space Management (2000)
Rumsfeld served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Instrument Corporation from 1990 to 1993. A leader in broadband transmission, distribution, and access control technologies for cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting applications, the company pioneered the development of the first all-digital high definition television (HDTV) technology. After taking the company public and returning it to profitability, Rumsfeld returned to private business in late 1993. Until being sworn in as the 21st Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld served as Chairman of Gilead Sciences inc and was also Chairman of the RAND Corporation.
During his period as Reagans Special Envoy to the Middle East,Rumsfield was the main conduit for crucial American military intelligence,hardware and strategic advice to Saddam Hussein,then fighting Iran in the Iran/Iraq war.During this period,U.S policy supported Iraq,believing it to be a useful buffer against Irans new Religious goverment,also in retaliation for the U.S humiliation in the 1979 Embassy seige and subsequent rescue failure of U.S personnell.Rumsfield visited Iraq on December 19th 1983 and held a 90 minute conversation with Saddam Hussein which covered Syrias occupation of Lebanon,preventing Syrian and Iranian expansion,preventing arms sales to Iran by foreign countries,increasing Iraqi oil supply via a possible new pipeline through Jordan and into Haifa,Israel.Not mentioned was Iraqi production and use of chemical weapons.The Iranian goverment had cited several Iraqi air and ground chemical attacks in the preceding 2 months.

Rumsfields civic activities included service as a member of the National Academy of Public Administration and a member of the boards of trustees of the Ford Foundation,The Eisenhower Exchange,the Hoover Institute at Stanford University and the National Park Foundation.He was also a member of the U.S/Russia Business Forum and Chairman of the Congressional Leaderships National Security Advisory Group.

Rumsfield was a founder and active member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) whose goal is to achieve American global domination by whatever means necessary and which in September 2000 proposed to invade Iraq.He signed the 1998 letter to President Clinton advocating the use of force in Iraq to "protect our vital interests in the gulf".While Rumsfeld was on the board of directors of ABB, the global technology group, they issued a press release on January 20, 2000 that said they have signed contracts to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho on the east coast of North Korea,Rumsfield has not made any public statement explaining the arrangement.

As Secretary of Defense under G.W Bush,Rumsfield was frequently in the public eye as he headed the defense department at the Pentagon during the U.S invasion of Afghanistan and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.A remark that led to particular debate was his characterisation of the bombing of Baghdad as "Shock and Awe",part of the now infamous Rumsfield doctrine.His insistence on leading the war with few troops got him initial respect for the fast victory but later ridicule for the Abu Gharib torture scandal and instability within Iraq,Rumsfield was blamed for poor planning and incompetance with the subsequent occupation of Iraq.It has widely been argued that he holds responsibility for war crimes committed against civilians in Najaf,Fallujah and Abu Gharib and a war crimes complaint has been filed against him in Germany by the Centre for Constitutional Rights,the complaint was later dropped by German authorities.Bushs decision to retain Rumsfield for a second term after his re-election was controversial both among Democrats,Republicans and the American people.

Researched and Written by K.C.Moore and edited by newsout.blogspot.com
Sources Wikipedia,BBC,Pravda.

Rumsfield Speaks On Iraq Elections Jan2005

Rumsfield At Inauguration Ceremony2005 (AP)

Rumsfield With Saddam Hussein 1983


February 17, 2005


Chirac Speaking on EU Integration (AFP)

The current President of France Jacque Chirac was born on the 29th of November 1932 he was schooled at Lycee Louis le Grand where he graduated aged 18 in 1950.Furthering his education by studying politics and public service at the institute d etudes politiques de Paris between 1951-1954 spending summer school at Harvard in the U.S in 1953,he entered the military academy in Samur where he was ranked 1st in his year and became a cavalry officer.Between 1957-59 Chirac spent time at the ENA elite school for goverment service and was ranked 10th,3 years later in 1962 he was appointed head of the personal staff of George Pompidou the then Prime minister under De Gaulle.Chirac was adept at pushing through within goverment which earned him the nickname " Le Bulldozer " within political circles and he still warms to being called this although on the streets and bars of France the population affectionately refer to him as " Super Liar " for his slick,sly and underhand way of dealing with people.Chirac ran for a Gaulist seat in 1967 of which he won and was given a post in the ministry of social affairs,from 1968-71 he served as state secretary at the ministry of Economy and Finance,in 1972 he was appointed the high level post of minister of agriculture, then in 1974 moving onto take the post of minister of the interior.Giscard appointed Chirac primeminister in 1974 which he held for 2 years resigning in 1976 citing Giscards unwillingness to give him more authority.Chirac was elected mayor of Paris in 1977 a position he held until 1995.Chirac ran himself for presidency in 1981 running against Giscard both were defeated by the Socialist Mitterand.Mitterand appointed Chirac prime minister in 1986 and in 1988 he ran again in the presidential elections this time against mitterand and was defeated by a narrow margin,he remained mayor of Paris and active in politics.
Chirac eventually became president in 1995,his most notable achievements have been the selling of France and the French people "down the river " by dissolving the Franc as a national currency in accepting the Euro,integrating French agriculture and economic policy within the EEC,persecuting anyone or organisation of religious faith in France by banning the Jewish Kippa,Christian Crosses,Islamic Hajib,Seikh turban and Nuns habits from school and public life.Many inside France feel that no other President or French person has done more to destroy France as a nation and to flush French culture down the toilet.
Chirac has been named in several cases of alleged corruption and abuse which occured during his office term as mayor,some of which have already led to felony convictions against other politicians and aides.However a controversial judicial decision from 1999 grants him virtual immunity,as current president of France.He has refused to testify on these matters.In Brief Chirac is an educated,groomed and skillful politician whom is disliked both domestically and internationally.

1932 Born November 29th
1950 Graduated from Lycee Louis-le Grand
1951 Sciences Po Studied Politics and public services.
1953 Harvard U.S
1954 Military officer academy in Samur.
1959 ENA Elite school for goverment.
1962 Head of Pompidous personal staff.
1967 Appointed to National Assembly ministry of social affairs.
1971 Secretary at the ministry of Economy and Finance.
1972 Appointed minister of agriculture.
1974 Appointed minister of the interior.
1974 Appointed prime minister under Giscard.
1976 Resigns position.
1977 Elected Mayor of Paris.
1981 Runs as Presidential candidate (Fails)
1986 Appointed Primeminster under Mitterand.
1988 Runs again as Presidential candidate (Fails).
1995 Resigns as Mayor of Paris.
1995 Wins Presidential power in France.
1998 investigated for corruption and abuse.
1999 Immunity law passed for Chirac.
2003 Wins re-election against right wing candidate Le-Penn.

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Chirac In Senegal Feb2005 (AFP)

Chirac Friends with Laura Bush.

Chirac Political Meeting (Reuters)



Hugo Chavez President Venezuela 2001

Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President was born to school teacher parents in Sabaneta the province of Barinas on July 28 1954. His Father Hugo De Los Reyes was a former regional director of education and mother Elena Frias a member of the Social Christian Party.Chavez Was known to be a keen and active child involving himself in many activities,his gregarious nature and being renouned for standing up for the under dog gained him many friends some of which have remained life long.Benefitting from the guidance of his parents he went onto enrol at the Venezuelan Military Academy Graduating in 1975 with a masters degree in engineering and military sciences.He continued his education by studying a masters degree in political science at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracus.Chavez has 4 children and is currently separated from his second wife Marisabel Rodriguez.Chavez reached the position of Colonel in the Venezuelan military serving with the Paratroopers.He is a left wing populist and political ideas are inspired by the life and work of Simon Bolivar.Chavez led a failed coup attempt against the then Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.Perez had presided over unpopular IMF policies that had created much poverty and hardship for the Venezuelan people,country wide popular protests occured throughout 1989 and Perez cracked down ruthlessly on the demonstrators leaving hundreds dead and imprisoned thousands.Chavez spent the next 2 years in prison and was later pardoned by the former president Rafael Caldera.Hugo Chavez went on to form and organise a new political party called the Movement for the fith Republic.After the IMF pushing the country into poverty and the wealth of the country held by few in the country and outside organisations Chavez went onto win a landslide Presidential election in 1998 winning some 60% of the national vote.On gaing the Presidency Chavez instigated far reaching land,education and wealth reforms in Venezuela,clamping down on organised crime,institutional corruption and redistributing wealth within the country.80% of the populace was living in extreme poverty,corporations that previously were exempt from paying taxes were suddenly handed enormous tax demands and are today currently taxed.Chavez is deeply popular with the Venezuelan people and is known by them as the modern day "Robin Hood " namely by redistribution of wealth taking from the wealthy and giving it to the poor,Naturally this caused internal and external friction between the President,his policies and corporations.Chavez has endured numerours assination and coup attempts,in 2002 it was announced that he had resigned and a military goverment briefly took control,before Chavez supporters gained control.In early 2003 the oil industry striked in protest of Venezuelan govermental policy,lasting for 2 months it had the effect of temprarily destabalising the country Chavez blamed outside influences namely the United States and promptly sacked 18,000 ranking personnell of the PDVSA within the oil industry.In 2003 opposition leaders began the process to recall Chavez a process placed into the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution.The recall vote was held on August 15th 2004 and Hugo Chavez again won a landslide victory increasing his vote of the populace.
On his winning the Presidency reportedly another coup attempt had been arranged,though this was quashed by friendly South American goverments.In brief Chavez has acheived much as president of Venezuela,redistributing wealth reducing poverty increasing education standards and the general standard of life of the people.He is much loved by the Venezuelan people and respected throughout South America,having deep friendships with many leaders most notably Castro.Chavez is in the process of forming strong relationships with China and it is said that he is close with ex president Zemin.

1954 Born July 28
1975 Graduated with Engineering and Military science Masters Degree.
1975 Studied Politics at Bolivar University Caracus.
1980 s Member of Paratrooper reaching Colonel.
1992 Forments Coup Attempt which fails
1993 In Prison.
1995 Pardonned by President and Released.
1996 Creates New Political Party.Movement for the 5th Republic.
1998 Wins landslide Presidential election.
1999 Changes Venezuelan Constitution.
2000 Chavez instigates sweeping Govermental changes.
2002 Coup attempt against Chavez.
2003 Oil Strike.
2004 Chavez wins recall vote,increases gains.
2004 Coup attempt against Chavez thwarted.

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Colonel Chavez a Venezuelan Paratrooper

After failed Coup attempt 2002 with supporters

Chavez with his friend Fidel Castro 2003.


Kim Jong-IL N.Korean Leader

N.Korean Leader Kim Jong IL 2005 (AP)

There are many conflicting reports between an official and unofficial version of Kim Jong IL s life profile.He was born in Siberia a part of the ex-Soviet empire in 1941 during his fathers exile Kim Sung IL from Korea,but according to North Korean official accounts he was born in a log cabin at his fathers guerilla base at Mt Paektu,North Koreas highest mountain in Febuary 1942,his birth was reportedly marked by a double rainbow and a bright star in the sky.
Kim Jong-IL went on to graduate from Kim Sung IL University in 1964 where he was educated and groomed for leadership.In the 70 s and 80 s Kim Jong IL headed the notorious North Korean Special Forces of which Korea has the largest quantity in the world amounting to some 200,000 soldiers each soldier highly trained,skilled,equiped and equivalent to a British S.A.S Soldier.Kim Jong IL had little or no military training himself,yet has aquired the skill of an adept and competant military strategist over the years,heading North Koreas counter insurgency teams of which again N.Korea has the largest and best trained in the world,he was paramount in instigating North Koreas National and home guard defences against all deemed external international threats.In his time as head of special forces Kim Jong IL was linked by defectors to international terrorist activities including the 1986 bombing of the South Korean airliner jet of which 115 people perished,North Korea vehemently denied any involment and some even inside South Korea have spoken of the possibility of a false flag operation inorder to smear Kim Jong IL and North Korea.
He was officially designated successor to his father in 1980 but did not hold any real power in North Korea until 1991 when he was appointed commander and chief to the armed forces.His father died in 1994 and 3 years later in 1997 Kim Jong IL took over the leadership of the ruling Korean workers party.
South Korean and Western media have tried to portray Kim Jong IL as a corrupt vain playboy with alcoholic tendancies who is neither competant or adept at running and controlling North Korea.Unfortunately this is not the case,he is an intelligent, well briefed and informed leader who is expert at internal and external politics and a very competant military strategist.
Stories that Kim Jong IL has 4 wives appear to be untrue,he is legally married to Kim Young-Suk they have been estranged for some years and they have a daughter Kim Sul-Song born in 1974.He has had a succession of relationships with women and his eldest son was born in 1971 to one of these,his most recent partner was Ko Young-Hee whom he had another son in 1982 and there are unconfirmed reports that another son was born in 2004.Ko aged 51 recently died from cancer and rumours have spread that this effected Kim Jong IL sending him into seclusion and depression.Kim Jong IL is something of a cult figure in North Korea,where the country is adorned with images,portraits,statues and effigies of the leader.

1941-1942 Kim Jong IL Birth
1964 Graduation from University.
1965 political and military strategy training.
70-80 Heads N.Korea Special Forces.
1980 Ofiicially named Successor to Kim Sung IL.
1991 Becomes Commander and Chief of Armed Forces.
1994 Father dies.
1997 Heads rulership of the Korean workers party.

Sources Various. Researched and Written by K.C Moore and edited by Newsout.blogspot.com

North Korean Flag On Border (AFP)

North Korea At 6 Party Talks 2004 (AFP)


February 16, 2005

Hu Jintao Chinese President

Hu Jintao Chinese President.

The Official profile of the Chinese President Hu Jintao.Jintao was born in Taizhou City a native of Jixi County,Anhui Province in 1942,where he completed his primary and secondary education.In 1959 he was enrolled by Quinghua University and graduated from the Hydraulic Engineering Department in 1965.After graduation Jintao moved to Gansu Province in west China where he stayed for the next 14 years.In 1985,he was appointed,successively,secretary of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committe and of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Regional Committee.During his time working in the remote areas of China and Tibet and with peoples of various nationalities,Jintao studied,investigated and worked out strategies and solutions to social and economic problems.Jintao made contributions to the stability and development of the 2 regions by primarily uniting the political administration of the indigenous peoples instigating reforms and opening itself economically to the outside world.
In 1992 Jintao was elected member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.In September 1997 the 54 year old Jintao was re-elected,in March 1998 and September 1999,he became Vice-President of the Peoples Republic of China and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Committee under Zemin respectively.Jintao had persued many Communist doctrines studying Marx,Lennin and Zedong,from 1993 to 2002 Jintao was concurrent president of the Party School of the CPC which has traditionally been the training ground for senior CPC cadres for the last 70 years.Jintao maintained a close affinity with the school implementing educational guidelines,teaching reforms,theoretical research and textbook compilation and attending almost all the opening and closing ceremonies of the school.In his past Jintao was the first secretary of the Communist Youth League of China organising and introducing many indoctrination policies for the youth of China,his duties also included being in charge of the affairs relating to trade unions and the womens federation.In 1998 Jintao took charge of steering away the military, civil police and law enforcement agencies away from business activities.
Jintao married his childhood girlfriend Liu Yongqing and the couple have a son and daughter both who are graduates of the Qunghua University.
Internationally Jintao has tried to forge bridges and strategic alliances outside of China,notably with Venezuela,Iran,Syria,Russia among others,Jintao has visited 5 European nations and visited the United states in 2001 and 2002.
Hu Jintao was appointed President of the PRC taking the reigns from Zemin and took control of the Chinese Military Committe in 2004 after Zemin stepped down.Jintao has a very close relationship with Zemin frequently asking Zemin for advise and guidance.Unofficially many sources inside China state that Zemin still holds the real power within the PRC and CMC.

1942 Jintao born in Taizhou City.
1959 Enrolled in Qinhua University.
1965 Graduated with Hydraulic Engineering.
1968 Moved To Gansu Province.
1985 Appointed Succesive secretary of the CPC Guizhou and Tibet Committee.
1992 Appointed Member of the CPC political Bureau.
1993 Appointed President Of the Party school CPC.
1999 Appointed Vice President of the PRC.
2001 Visits 5 European Nations.
2002 Visits The U.S
2002 Resigns President of the party school.
2004 Appointed Chairman of the Chinese Military Committee.

Researched and Written by K.C.Moore.Edited by Newsout.blogspot.com

Jintao At Party Meeting. (Reuters)

Zemin And Jintao 2004 (ChinaPix)

U.S V.P Cheney with Jintao 2004 (AFP)

Jintao with Putin 2004 (ChinaPix)


Vladamir Putin.Russian President.

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Official Version.
Vladamir Putin was born to factory worker parents in Lenningrad (now St Petersburg) on October 7th,1952 Vladamir Vladimirovich Putin was raised in social housing as an only child after his 2 brothers died in childhood,one at birth and one during the 900 day Nazi Seige.His Mother Maria had Vladamir secretly baptised as an Orthodox Christian and he is now a practicing member of the Church.
As a Teenager Vladamir Putin was chosen to attend a school for Lenningrads most intelligent students,where he excelled gaining a keen interest in martial arts of which he became a black belt.Vladamir had a keen and inquisitive mind which he put to use involving himself in political and current affair groups.A quiet and methodical student Vladamir went on to attend Lenningrad State University to study civil law.He became Lenningrads judo champion in 1974 and graduated from university in 1975.On completing his education he was offered a position within the KGB.He was sent to and trained in Moscow,studying languages becoming fluent in German,in 1985 he was sent to East Germany to spy on NATO member nations living undercover and taking the name "Adamov" working as the director of the Soviet-German House of Friendship.
In 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin wall and reunification of Germany,Vladamir returned to Russia taking a position within his old University in Lenningrad reaquainting himself with his old professor Anatoly A Sobchak,chairman of the city council becoming his aide and helping Sobchak win the 1991 mayoral race.Putin left the services of the KGB in 1996 when Sobchak lost the 1996 reelection campaign.Putin went on to join President Boris Yeltsins administration at the Kremlin before being appointed to Head the Federal Security Bureau in 1998.
Yeltsin named Putin Russian Prime minster on August 1999.Putin was the 5th person to hold the position within a year and a half.Four months after Putins appointment President Yeltsin Resigned and named Putin as his successor.Open elections were later held in Russia,Putin Supported by his wife Lyudmila which he married in the 80s and his 2 teenage daugthers Katya and Maria ran away with the Russian Presidential election becoming Russias second democratically elected President.Putin went onto to place many ex KGB colleagues into high ranking positions within his goverment and went to work cracking down on Chechneya and trying to support and uplift the Russian Economy.Putin had inherited many problems within Russia ranging from crime gangs to corruption within its infastructure.Putin has played his political hand skillfully in the international arena and with the improvement of the Russian economy and Chechen conflict Putin was relected for a second Presidential term in March 2004.
Putins Family and early life has been patchy and sketchy at best the official version out of the Kremlin is that Putins Father died in 1996 and that his mother had died 6 months previously.The official death statements made journalists suspicious,whom later went on to trace Putins mother Vera Putyna aged 73 to Georgia s Kaspi-Metehi village.Putins Mother stated "I am not dead,i am alive".
Newspapers reported that secret service agents arrived at the village before the journalists and instructed the villagers to be quiet about Putin.Villagers knew Putin as Vova and this is how his mother called him.Putin lived in the village between the ages of 3 to 10.
Vera Putin said that she was born and raised in the Urals and that the man she met at technical school became Vovas (Putins) father.Vera Putin left him after finding out that he was already married when she was expecting a baby and that Vova went to live with her mother and father.She continued her education at Tashkent and met Gyorgi Osepasvilli a Soviet Army serviceman.They got married and moved to Metehi village.Her mother brought Vova at the age of 3 to Metehi.She says her husband was unwilling of Vova and her will of togetherness with her son,she returned to Georgia for her daughters and kept them superior to Vova.
Her Fathers illness caused her mother to give the child to nursery.Her husbands sister took Vova to Tifilis,The Georgian capital and gave him to the wife of an army captain.She went to Tifilis and took him back.Her husband and his sister did everything possible to seperate them and finally they succeded.
Putins mother says and even more interesting that the "KGB came and took Vovas photographs and instructed her not to talk about her son".

2004 Putin re-elected Russian President.
2000 Putin elected Russian President.
1999 Putin appointed Russian Prime Minster.
1998 Putin Appointed Director of FSB.
1997 Putin Heads main controlling Department of the Presidential administration.
1996 Putin Resigns position from KGB.
1994 Putin assigned Deputy Mayor
1990 Putin Advisor of the Lenningrad State Universitys rector on World Cooperation
1985 Putin worked for KGB in East Germany,known as "Adamov" a director of the Soviet-German Friendship house in Berlin.
1975 Putin graduated with civil law at Lenningrad University.
1974 Putin wins Lennigrad Judo championship.
1952 Putin Born October 7th
The dates between 1952 and 1974 are undetermined between an official and unofficial version.

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