February 18, 2005


Cheney Taking V.P Oath 2005 (AFP)

The U.S Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney was born on January 30th 1941 in Lincoln Nebraska to Richard H and Marjorie Cheney and grew up in Casper,Wyoming where he met Lynne Vincent his childhood sweetheart and future wife at the age of 14.His father worked as a soil conservation agent for the Department of Agriculture.Cheney was a keen athelete at high school and represented the school at boys state in football in which he played the halfback.Graduating in 1959 he was to spend the next 6 years working on power lines and was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union.In 1964 he married Lynne Vincent (an ex Mustang Queen and State Champion Baton twirler).Under President H.Bush she was chair of the National Endowment for Humanities,from 1986-1993.She now calls for the abolition of the agency and discontinuance of the National Endowment for the Arts,claiming that both foster cultural corruption.She is now author and college teacher.Cheney has 2 daughters one of which is a lesbian and active in gay rights issues.Elizabeth Cheney the eldest was born in 1966 and is married with 4 children,she graduated with a law degree and has worked as an international law attorney and now for the State Departments Near East Affairs Bureau.
Cheney spent 3 months at Yale University and then left for a period,returning again only to leave 1 month later partly due to very poor grades.In 1962 when he was 21 he pleaded guilty to 2 drink driving offences in Wyoming after these events Cheney decided to straighten out his life and in 1963 enrolled in Wyoming University where he began earning straight A s.He received his bachelors degree in 1965 and masters degree in 1966 both in political science,he went on to study his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin,but left and entered politics before completing his studies.Cheney evaded service duty in the Vietnam war receiving 3 deferments 2 for studying and 1 for becoming a new father.
In 1969 he served in a number of positions at the U.S Office of Economic Opportunity as a special assistant to Donald Rumsfield.Under President Ford,Cheney became Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff and was campaign manager for Fords 1976 presidential campaign,while James Baker served as campaign Chairman.Cheney helped formulate the White House Response to the death of Scientist Frank Olson along with D.Rumsfield (See Rumsfield Profile for full story).
In 1978 he was elected to the House Of Representatives,representing Wyoming and was re-elected 5 times serving until 1989,from 1981-1987 he was Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee being elected Chairman of the House Republican Conference in 1987 and House Minority Whip in 1988.During his tenure he voted against making the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King a national holiday,he was also against the creation of the U.S Department of Education.He was known for his vigorous advocacy of the states petroleum and coal businesses and the federal building in Casper is named in his honour.He opposed sanctions against South Africa for its apartheid policies and voted against the release of Nelson Mandela from prison,then he described Mandela as a "terrorist" although today he calls Mandela "a great man".
From 1989-1993 he served as Secretary for Defense under George H.Bush.He directed Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East.In 1991 he was awarded the highest U.S civilian honour,the Presidential Medal of Freedom.In 1993 he joined the American Enterprise Institute and in 1995 he became Chairman and CEO of the Halliburton Company,a worldwide energy services corporation with a long history of providing services to goverment and involved in military contractors.Also sitting on the board of directors for Procter and Gamble,Union Pacific and EDS.
In 1997 he along with Donald Rumsfield and others founded the organisation called Project for the New American Century (PNAC),whos goal is to acheive American global domination.While serving as Halliburtons CEO,he headed George W Bushs Vice-Presidential search committee in 2000.Bush surprised many by asking Cheney himself to join the Republican ticket.Cheney resigned from Halliburton July 2000 and put all his corporate shares and stock options into a trust,Cheneys net worth is estimated at between $30 million to $100 million.Cheney to this day receives severance payments from Halliburton.This has raised questions regarding conflict of interests,since Halliburton was granted 10$ Billion in No Bid contracts for the rebuilding effort in Iraq.There was controversy over Cheney living in Texas the same state as Bush when selected as Bush s running mate.This contravened the 12th Amendment of the U.S Constitution that electors shall vote for president and vice president "one of whom,at least,shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves".Cheney has been described as taking a very hands on role in the position of Vice President,Many infact claim that Cheney has more control in running the U.S than Bush Himself and that it is Cheney who runs the American goverment especially in international affairs.Following 911 Cheney has set up a secure undisclosed location for the running of his office and communicates with the White House via secure video phones.On June 29th 2002 Cheney became only the second man in American history to serve as Acting President of the U.S while Bush underwent a colonoscopy.Critics of Cheney have accused him of supporting decisions that indirectly subsidize the oil industry and major goverment contractors and hold that Cheney strongly influenced the decision to use military force in Iraq.Cheneys alleged dishonesty over the justifications for the Iraq war has caused world wide controversy.

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Bush And Cheney Jan2005 (Reuters)

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