February 19, 2005


Bush Secret Signals Inauguration 2005 (AP)

George Walker Bush was born on July 6th 1946 in New Haven,Connecticut to parents George and Barbera Bush.He grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas.He has 3 brothers:Jeb,Neil,Marvin and a sister Dorothy.A younger sister,Robin died at the age of 3 in 1953 from Leukemia.Bush was eductated at Phillips Academy (Andover) from 1961-1964 and at Yale from 1964-1968.At Yale he was the President of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the Skull and Cross Bones Secret Society,of which 15 new members are selected each year,many rising to prominent positions within goverment,business and the military,initiates know the order as the brotherhood and a life long alliegance sworn between members.The initiation ceremony of a new Skull and Cross Bones Member takes place inside the grounds of Yale University and a new member is apparently required to lay inside an open coffin surrounded by satanic figurines and effiges and masturbate in front of other members,recanting their life long sexual history (Unconfirmed).John Kerry the Democrat nominee is also a member of the Skull and Cross Bones Society.
Bush was known as a poor student receiving "C" grades an average of 2.35 out of 4.He was renouned for picking up a baseball bat and walking of to the park,rather than picking up a text book,he also enjoyed Rugby.He graduated in 1968 with a bachelors degree in history.Bush enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard in 1968 and served as an F102 pilot until 1972.Current records show that he was promoted twice during his service reaching the Rank of Lieutenant.In 1973 he received permission to end his 6 year commitment 6 months early in order to attend Harvard University.Much controversy has surrounded the events surrounding this part of his life,most notably unearthed by the Michael Moore film "Farenheight 911" in which Moore stipulates that Bush joined the National Guard in order to escape being drafted to Vietnam of which he did not serve and that he was AWOL from duty on many occassions.Moore went on to report that official records regarding his duty had recently been doctored in order to hide the truth.
Bush entered Harvard Business School in 1973 and was awarded a Masters of Business Administration in 1975.Bush was arrested in 1976 for drink driving,he admitted his guilt,was fined $150 and had his driving license suspended for 30 days.Bush married Laura Welch in 1977 and have twin daughters Barbera and Jenna born in 1981.
Laura Bush is not without controversy herself,at the age of 17,she was involved in a car accident that killed her ex boyfriend.The accident report of the time states that Laura Bush ran a stop sign and crashed into another car killing the other driver who happened to be her ex-boyfriend.He was thrown from the car and broke his neck.The police report states that neither driver was drinking and no charges were brought against her.
Critics have argued that this was more than an accident,one person stated "what are the odds of driving on a clear and visible night with good visibility through a state intersection at speed and hitting the car of your ex-boyfriend and killing him ?".Press in the U.S have covered this topic gently,although now it is relatively buried,considered a taboo subject for the media.
Bush described his early years of alcoholism and incessant drug abuse as his "nomadic period" and "irresponsible youth".He apparently gave up drinking and drugs after waking up with a hangover on his 40th birthday in 1986 and according to him has not taken a drop since.
Katherine van Wormer,a professor of social work and writer on addiction treatment,claimed in an Irish Times article on 6th May 2003 that Bush seems to display "all the classic patterns of addictive thinking".She bases this view on her perception that he exhibits "the tendancy to go to extremes," a "kill or be killed mentality,"incoherence while speaking away from script,impatience,irratibility in the face of disagreement,and a rigid,judgemental outlook.Justin Frank a clinical professor of psychiatry and former Salon Magazine writer,has incorporated similar though apparently independant,observations into a book about the president called "Bush on the Couch",which was quoted in a speech by Fidel Castro of Cuba.Bush has also been accused of massive cocaine abuse in the past.In the summer of 1999,many news organisations received an email alleging that Bush had been convicted on a drugs charge,but that the conviction had been expunged in exchange for performing community service at the Martin Luther King Centre in Houston Texas.Records regarding this event have disappeared and are inconclusive.In Febuary 2004,Salon Magazine claimed that Bush s cessation of flying in April 1972 and his subsequent refusal to take a physical exam came at the same time the Air Force announced its Medical Service Drug Abuse Testing Program in which all staff were subjected to random drug testing.Bush became a born again Christian at the age of 40,leaving the Episcopal Church and joining his wifes denomination,the United Methodist Church.His sudden conversion to Christianity conflicts with his membership of the Satanic Skull and Cross Bones society of Yale,Alex Jones Veteran investigative Journalist also found that Bush and his father are members of the elite Bohemian grove,subsection "Hillbillies" an organisation that meets Bi annually,Alex Jones investigations took him inside the Bohemian grove in which he impersonated being a member of the "Hillbilly Clan".He reported that it was a place where homosexual and sexual degradation openly took place,culminating in a ceremony where members dressed in hooded robes enacted a fantasy human sacrifice through immolation in worship to Molech.Alex Jones reported January 2005 that a satanic hand signal was openly used between members projecting a 2 horn devil salute,photographs at the presidential inauguration show Bush, his wife and 2 children openly making these signals.(For More information regarding this visit Alex Jones at www.infowars.com).

In 1978,Bush ran for the U.S House of representatives but lost to a Democrat.He began his carrer in the oil industry in 1979 and established Arbusto Energy an oil and gas exploration company,some of this funding came from Saudi Arabian nationals who were friends of his fathers,this included the Bin Laden family,Bush changed the companies name to Bush Exploration Co and sold the company in 1984 to Spectrum 7 another Texas oil and gas exploration company,Bush was made Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum 7.Spectrum 7 lost money and had major financial problems and in 1986 was merged into Harken Energy Corporation,with Bush becoming a director of Harken.Bush went onto working on his fathers successful 1988 presidential campaign.Bush assembled a group of investors,mainly through his fathers contacts and approached Eddie Chiles the then owner of the Texas Rangers an Arlington based Major league Baseball Franchaise,Bush and his investors in 1989 bought 86% of the franchaise for $75 million,Bush was later to appoint one of these investors Tom Schieffer to the post of Ambassador to Australia.Critics expressed concern over the purchase,charging use of political influence and favouritism involving a family friend.Bush received 2% of the company by investing $606,000,with $500,000 of it as a loan from a bank.He paid of the loan by selling $804,000 worth of stock in Harken Energy in 1990,sparking allegations of insider trading,at the time of the sale it was reported that Harken was about to run out of money in just 3 days time.An SEC investigation ended in 1992 with a memo stating "it appears that Bush did not engage in illegal insider trading",the Chairman of the SEC at the time was Richard Breedon,a good friend of the Bush family who had been nominated to the SEC by George.H.Bush.President Bush has refused to authorise the SEC to realise its full report on the Harken investigation.When the Rangers was sold for $250 million in 1998,netting Bush personally $14.9 million.Bush was the Rangers managing partner until he was elected Governor of Texas in 1994 and was relected in 1998.Bush has been criticized for personally overseeing the execution of 151 convicted criminals while governor,more than any other governor in the history of the United States.Bush made no attempt to intervene on behalf of 151 out of 152 of those condemned and Bush expressed his belief that all those executed were guilty,based on briefings by Alberto Gonzales (currently promoted to Attorney General of the U.S over Ashcroft),even though these briefings failed to mention critical factors,such as that a condemned mans public defender slept through much of the case.In 1996 Bush was summoned to jury duty in Texas.His councel Alberto Gonzales argued that Bush should be excused from Jury duty.In 2000 the jury issue was requestioned and it came to light that Bush had left blank the Juror questionaire section asking wether the individual had himself obtained previous felony convictions.It was concluded that Bush had used his position as governor to avoid disclosing the information,because the conviction was neither included on the written form nor mentioned by Alberto Gonzales,the prosecutor added "I feel i was directly deceived ".

Bush ran and won the 2000 presidential election campaign and was inaugurated on January 20th 2001 becoming the 43rd president of the United States.Bush won by the slimest of margins,boiling down to the State of Florida,supporters of Al Gore were convinced of a fraudulent electorial process in the State,citing voting irregularities among others,Bush s brother Jeb Bush was the Governor of the State of Florida during the election.The process went to the Supreme Court and after deliberation Al Gore Conceeded.His first term as president was extremely controversial,he rejected the Kyoto agreement,then presided over 911 of which many questions regarding his actions and later whereabouts on that day have been asked.In 2002 the United States invaded Afghanistan and displaced the Taliban whom were accused of being involved in training those that carried out 911.Later in March 2003 he ordered the U.S military to invade the Sovereign Nation of Iraq against the will of the international community,the reasons given for the invasion was the holding of WMDs and involvement of Iraq in 911, which both later proved false.Bush has been quoted as saying that he is "a war president,with war on his mind."Many have accused Bush of spending too much time involving himself in wayward and misdirected international affairs rather than on the domestic situation,During his tenure Wall Street collapsed as the technology bubble burst in late 2001,illegal immigration soared into the united states,social and economic budgets were slashed,taxes of the rich were reduced and taxes for the poor rose,oil prices soared to new levels,crime and poverty escalated,whilst many soldiers are fighting and dieing on foreign soil,there is much disharmony at home.
Bush was re elected in November 2004 and inaugurated on January 2005,critics argued again of voter fraud and election irregularities this time in the state of Ohio.
Many positions Bush has appointed have been controversial and he has been accused of giving jobs for the boys.Goss was appointed CIA Chief,Gonzales became U.S Attorney General over Ashcroft,Rumsfield as Secretary for Defense and Dick Cheney as Vice President, whom some feel is the real power behind the administration.Colin Powell stepped down as Secretary of State and Dr Condoleza Rice took over the position,all of Bush s team hold extreme right wing views and many with dubious pasts.
The renounded think tank Senderl and Sons with the website Senderberl.com has incinuated that President Bush and Condoleza Rice are Secret and continued lovers.Dr Rice spends many weekends and vacations with Bush,this is speculation and the opinion of Senderberl and sons,although if true both Dr Rice and President Bush are in a conflict of interest with their positions appointed to them by the people of the United States.

Disclaimer,this is the reasearch,writting and opinion of one individual based on speculation and interpretation of facts and events,it is in the readers interest, if willing, to research the events themselves,this can be acheived by typing key words into any search engine on the internet to give results.

Researched and Written by K.C.Moore edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Laura Bush With Secret Signal Jan2005 (AP)

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