February 17, 2005


Hugo Chavez President Venezuela 2001

Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President was born to school teacher parents in Sabaneta the province of Barinas on July 28 1954. His Father Hugo De Los Reyes was a former regional director of education and mother Elena Frias a member of the Social Christian Party.Chavez Was known to be a keen and active child involving himself in many activities,his gregarious nature and being renouned for standing up for the under dog gained him many friends some of which have remained life long.Benefitting from the guidance of his parents he went onto enrol at the Venezuelan Military Academy Graduating in 1975 with a masters degree in engineering and military sciences.He continued his education by studying a masters degree in political science at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracus.Chavez has 4 children and is currently separated from his second wife Marisabel Rodriguez.Chavez reached the position of Colonel in the Venezuelan military serving with the Paratroopers.He is a left wing populist and political ideas are inspired by the life and work of Simon Bolivar.Chavez led a failed coup attempt against the then Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.Perez had presided over unpopular IMF policies that had created much poverty and hardship for the Venezuelan people,country wide popular protests occured throughout 1989 and Perez cracked down ruthlessly on the demonstrators leaving hundreds dead and imprisoned thousands.Chavez spent the next 2 years in prison and was later pardoned by the former president Rafael Caldera.Hugo Chavez went on to form and organise a new political party called the Movement for the fith Republic.After the IMF pushing the country into poverty and the wealth of the country held by few in the country and outside organisations Chavez went onto win a landslide Presidential election in 1998 winning some 60% of the national vote.On gaing the Presidency Chavez instigated far reaching land,education and wealth reforms in Venezuela,clamping down on organised crime,institutional corruption and redistributing wealth within the country.80% of the populace was living in extreme poverty,corporations that previously were exempt from paying taxes were suddenly handed enormous tax demands and are today currently taxed.Chavez is deeply popular with the Venezuelan people and is known by them as the modern day "Robin Hood " namely by redistribution of wealth taking from the wealthy and giving it to the poor,Naturally this caused internal and external friction between the President,his policies and corporations.Chavez has endured numerours assination and coup attempts,in 2002 it was announced that he had resigned and a military goverment briefly took control,before Chavez supporters gained control.In early 2003 the oil industry striked in protest of Venezuelan govermental policy,lasting for 2 months it had the effect of temprarily destabalising the country Chavez blamed outside influences namely the United States and promptly sacked 18,000 ranking personnell of the PDVSA within the oil industry.In 2003 opposition leaders began the process to recall Chavez a process placed into the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution.The recall vote was held on August 15th 2004 and Hugo Chavez again won a landslide victory increasing his vote of the populace.
On his winning the Presidency reportedly another coup attempt had been arranged,though this was quashed by friendly South American goverments.In brief Chavez has acheived much as president of Venezuela,redistributing wealth reducing poverty increasing education standards and the general standard of life of the people.He is much loved by the Venezuelan people and respected throughout South America,having deep friendships with many leaders most notably Castro.Chavez is in the process of forming strong relationships with China and it is said that he is close with ex president Zemin.

1954 Born July 28
1975 Graduated with Engineering and Military science Masters Degree.
1975 Studied Politics at Bolivar University Caracus.
1980 s Member of Paratrooper reaching Colonel.
1992 Forments Coup Attempt which fails
1993 In Prison.
1995 Pardonned by President and Released.
1996 Creates New Political Party.Movement for the 5th Republic.
1998 Wins landslide Presidential election.
1999 Changes Venezuelan Constitution.
2000 Chavez instigates sweeping Govermental changes.
2002 Coup attempt against Chavez.
2003 Oil Strike.
2004 Chavez wins recall vote,increases gains.
2004 Coup attempt against Chavez thwarted.

Researched and Written by K.C Moore Edited by Newout.blogspot.com

Colonel Chavez a Venezuelan Paratrooper

After failed Coup attempt 2002 with supporters

Chavez with his friend Fidel Castro 2003.