February 20, 2005

Iyad Allawi

Iyad Allawi,Iraq Primeminister 2004

Dr Iyad Allawi was born in 1945 to a prominent Iraqi family,his grandfather helped negotiate Iraqs independance from Britain and his father was an MP.He became involved in the Baath party at the young age of 15 and was an active in organising against the goverment of Qassim.He was first to meet Saddam Hussein whilst studying at medical school in Baghdad in the 1960 s.He moved to London in 1971 where he continued his education into neurosurgery,he was also to serve as president of the Iraqi Student Union in London and maintained close ties to the Baath Party and it is closely believed that he worked as an intelligence agent for the Mukhabarat (assination squad) financed and supported by the CIA and MI6.The respected investigative journalist Seymour Hersh was quoted as saying that "Allawi has blood on his hands" and that Allawi was directly involved in the killing of Baath Party opposition members in Europe.Allawi went on to leave the official Baath Party in 1975 a reason he has never expounded apon,Saddam Hussein pressured Allawi to rejoin the Party in 1978,although friends warned Allawi that his name was on an assination list.In 1978 Allawi survived an assination attempt when an attacker broke into his Surrey,England home and attacked him with an axe,Allawi was to spend the next year recovering from his injuries.It was widely believed that Saddam had personally organised the assination attempt.It has been rumoured that on his recovery,Allawi was recruited and worked for British Intelligence,organising a network of opposition that would eventually topple Saddams goverment.In 1990 Allawi formed the Iraqi National Accord (INA) which was supported by the British,U.S,Jordanian,Turkish and Saudi goverments.The INA consisted mainly of exiled military and ex govermental Iraqi officials.In 1992 the CIA recruited Allawi to act in conjunction with Ahmed Chalabi another CIA asset.The INA was never a real threat to Saddams goverment,though its terrorist acts against Iraq caused hundreds of deaths.In 1996 in conjunction with CIA backing the INA instigated a coup attempt against Saddam led by former high ranking military officers.The coup attempt was a disaster,poorly organised and executed.Saddam Husseins own intelligence officers had infiltrated the INA and its counter insurgency teams were lying in wait.Most participants in the coup were executed and land,factories and all financial assets belonging to the Allawi family was confiscated,estimated at approximately $250 million.The CIA continued to finance the INA.Allawi and Chalabi were responsible for channeling the WMD intelligence evidence of Iraq to the relevant departments in Washington.On May 28th 2004.The INC run by Paul Bremer appointed Allawi as the interim Primeminister responsible for taking Iraq towards democratic electionsiIt was widely reported that Allawi was chosen for his Pro U.S views and working relationship within the CIA.At the end of June 2004 power was passed over to Allawi although this was deemed purely asthetic,the people of Iraq saw Allawi for what he truly was a paid asset of the CIA working on behalf of the U.S administration and not that of the Iraqi people.Allawi immediately went to work cracking down on any opposition to his rule including restrictions on domestic and international press freedoms.A secular Shia he closed Al Sadres Mehdi army newspaper and arrested many of his supporters this led to direct conflict of which the U.S was called in to use a heavy handed military action,which resulted in the deaths of thousand at An Najaf a destroyed town and damaged Holy Shrine,causing outrage not only amongst Iraqs Shias but the whole population.Wide spread corruption was levied at Allawis goverment from missing Iraqi funds to land and agriculture reforms which gave benefit to outside corporations.Allawi ordered the complete destruction of Fallujah an historical city with a population of 250,000.Still today in March 2005 there remains still 200,000 refugees from that city.Allawis advice for running security in Iraq came from the notorious John Negroponte.The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Allawi personally executed 6 suspected insurgents by shooting them in the head.

Researched and written by K.C.Moore edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Allawi with Rumsfield 2004