February 17, 2005


Chirac Speaking on EU Integration (AFP)

The current President of France Jacque Chirac was born on the 29th of November 1932 he was schooled at Lycee Louis le Grand where he graduated aged 18 in 1950.Furthering his education by studying politics and public service at the institute d etudes politiques de Paris between 1951-1954 spending summer school at Harvard in the U.S in 1953,he entered the military academy in Samur where he was ranked 1st in his year and became a cavalry officer.Between 1957-59 Chirac spent time at the ENA elite school for goverment service and was ranked 10th,3 years later in 1962 he was appointed head of the personal staff of George Pompidou the then Prime minister under De Gaulle.Chirac was adept at pushing through within goverment which earned him the nickname " Le Bulldozer " within political circles and he still warms to being called this although on the streets and bars of France the population affectionately refer to him as " Super Liar " for his slick,sly and underhand way of dealing with people.Chirac ran for a Gaulist seat in 1967 of which he won and was given a post in the ministry of social affairs,from 1968-71 he served as state secretary at the ministry of Economy and Finance,in 1972 he was appointed the high level post of minister of agriculture, then in 1974 moving onto take the post of minister of the interior.Giscard appointed Chirac primeminister in 1974 which he held for 2 years resigning in 1976 citing Giscards unwillingness to give him more authority.Chirac was elected mayor of Paris in 1977 a position he held until 1995.Chirac ran himself for presidency in 1981 running against Giscard both were defeated by the Socialist Mitterand.Mitterand appointed Chirac prime minister in 1986 and in 1988 he ran again in the presidential elections this time against mitterand and was defeated by a narrow margin,he remained mayor of Paris and active in politics.
Chirac eventually became president in 1995,his most notable achievements have been the selling of France and the French people "down the river " by dissolving the Franc as a national currency in accepting the Euro,integrating French agriculture and economic policy within the EEC,persecuting anyone or organisation of religious faith in France by banning the Jewish Kippa,Christian Crosses,Islamic Hajib,Seikh turban and Nuns habits from school and public life.Many inside France feel that no other President or French person has done more to destroy France as a nation and to flush French culture down the toilet.
Chirac has been named in several cases of alleged corruption and abuse which occured during his office term as mayor,some of which have already led to felony convictions against other politicians and aides.However a controversial judicial decision from 1999 grants him virtual immunity,as current president of France.He has refused to testify on these matters.In Brief Chirac is an educated,groomed and skillful politician whom is disliked both domestically and internationally.

1932 Born November 29th
1950 Graduated from Lycee Louis-le Grand
1951 Sciences Po Studied Politics and public services.
1953 Harvard U.S
1954 Military officer academy in Samur.
1959 ENA Elite school for goverment.
1962 Head of Pompidous personal staff.
1967 Appointed to National Assembly ministry of social affairs.
1971 Secretary at the ministry of Economy and Finance.
1972 Appointed minister of agriculture.
1974 Appointed minister of the interior.
1974 Appointed prime minister under Giscard.
1976 Resigns position.
1977 Elected Mayor of Paris.
1981 Runs as Presidential candidate (Fails)
1986 Appointed Primeminster under Mitterand.
1988 Runs again as Presidential candidate (Fails).
1995 Resigns as Mayor of Paris.
1995 Wins Presidential power in France.
1998 investigated for corruption and abuse.
1999 Immunity law passed for Chirac.
2003 Wins re-election against right wing candidate Le-Penn.

Written and researched by K.C.Moore and edited by newsout.blogspot.com

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