February 17, 2005

Kim Jong-IL N.Korean Leader

N.Korean Leader Kim Jong IL 2005 (AP)

There are many conflicting reports between an official and unofficial version of Kim Jong IL s life profile.He was born in Siberia a part of the ex-Soviet empire in 1941 during his fathers exile Kim Sung IL from Korea,but according to North Korean official accounts he was born in a log cabin at his fathers guerilla base at Mt Paektu,North Koreas highest mountain in Febuary 1942,his birth was reportedly marked by a double rainbow and a bright star in the sky.
Kim Jong-IL went on to graduate from Kim Sung IL University in 1964 where he was educated and groomed for leadership.In the 70 s and 80 s Kim Jong IL headed the notorious North Korean Special Forces of which Korea has the largest quantity in the world amounting to some 200,000 soldiers each soldier highly trained,skilled,equiped and equivalent to a British S.A.S Soldier.Kim Jong IL had little or no military training himself,yet has aquired the skill of an adept and competant military strategist over the years,heading North Koreas counter insurgency teams of which again N.Korea has the largest and best trained in the world,he was paramount in instigating North Koreas National and home guard defences against all deemed external international threats.In his time as head of special forces Kim Jong IL was linked by defectors to international terrorist activities including the 1986 bombing of the South Korean airliner jet of which 115 people perished,North Korea vehemently denied any involment and some even inside South Korea have spoken of the possibility of a false flag operation inorder to smear Kim Jong IL and North Korea.
He was officially designated successor to his father in 1980 but did not hold any real power in North Korea until 1991 when he was appointed commander and chief to the armed forces.His father died in 1994 and 3 years later in 1997 Kim Jong IL took over the leadership of the ruling Korean workers party.
South Korean and Western media have tried to portray Kim Jong IL as a corrupt vain playboy with alcoholic tendancies who is neither competant or adept at running and controlling North Korea.Unfortunately this is not the case,he is an intelligent, well briefed and informed leader who is expert at internal and external politics and a very competant military strategist.
Stories that Kim Jong IL has 4 wives appear to be untrue,he is legally married to Kim Young-Suk they have been estranged for some years and they have a daughter Kim Sul-Song born in 1974.He has had a succession of relationships with women and his eldest son was born in 1971 to one of these,his most recent partner was Ko Young-Hee whom he had another son in 1982 and there are unconfirmed reports that another son was born in 2004.Ko aged 51 recently died from cancer and rumours have spread that this effected Kim Jong IL sending him into seclusion and depression.Kim Jong IL is something of a cult figure in North Korea,where the country is adorned with images,portraits,statues and effigies of the leader.

1941-1942 Kim Jong IL Birth
1964 Graduation from University.
1965 political and military strategy training.
70-80 Heads N.Korea Special Forces.
1980 Ofiicially named Successor to Kim Sung IL.
1991 Becomes Commander and Chief of Armed Forces.
1994 Father dies.
1997 Heads rulership of the Korean workers party.

Sources Various. Researched and Written by K.C Moore and edited by Newsout.blogspot.com

North Korean Flag On Border (AFP)

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