February 20, 2005

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein Ex President Of Iraq

Saddam Hussein otherwise known as Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was born on April 28th 1937 to a family of shepards in the village of Al-Awja,in the Tikrit district Iraq,North of Baghdad.Saddam never knew his father,who either died or disapeared 5 months before he was born, shortly after this Saddams 12 year old brother died from cancer,this had the affect of placing his mother into a deep depression and she tried to both abort the pregnancy and to kill herself.She named the child Saddam,which in Arabic means "one who confronts".Still suffering from depression she refused to care for him and the child Saddam was sent to the family of his uncle,Kahairallah Tlfah,until he was 3.
Later his mother,Subha Tulfah al-Mussallat,remarried,Saddam gained 3 half brothers.His stepfather,Ibrahim al-Hassan treated the young Saddam brutally often beating and abusing him and forced the boy to steal.
Saddam Hussein fearing for his life,fled the family and returned to live with his uncle,a devout Sunni Muslim in Baghdad.Under his Uncles guidance Saddam attended a nationalistic school in Baghdad.At the age of 20 in 1957 he joined the revolutionary pan-Arab Baath Party,of which his uncle supported.In 1958 army officers in Iraq staged a coup and overthrew Faisal II of Iraq.The Baathists opposed the new goverment vehemently and in 1959 at the age of 22 Saddam attempted to assinate the Prime Minister Qassim,Saddam was shot in the leg and fled to Syria and later moved to Egypt where he attended the University of Cairo law school,he was sentenced to death in absentia in Iraq for his part in the coup attempt.Iraq suffered another coup in 1963 although the new goverment was overthrown 8 months later due to factionalism and in party fighting.Saddam was imprisoned in 1964 when an anti Baath group took power in the country.In 1968 another coup was formulated led by a Tikriti relative of Saddam.The coup was successful and named the 31 year old Saddam vice-chairman of the revolutionary command council and vice-president of Iraq.In 1976 Saddam was appointed a General in the Iraq armed forces and rapidly became the strongarm of the goverment increasing his network of influence,control and support within the country.As old age and ailments affected the then president Bakr and weakened his support,Saddams increased and he formerly became president in 1979.Iraq in the past had been split along social,ethnic and religious lines,Sunni versus Shi ite,Arab versus Kurd etc and Saddam went to work in consolidating the country,sometimes through violent means.He modernised the Iraq economy along with the creation of a strong security apparatus to prevent coups.He improved Social conditions implementing a national health service and improved education and working conditions for the people.This was all paid for by Saddams oil and energy strategy which was helped by the 1973 world oil shock.Saddam personally initiated the "National Campaign for the Education of Illiteracy" and the "Campaign for Compulsory free education in Iraq".Over time the goverment established free schooling up to the highest education levels,supported families of soldiers,granted free hospitalisation to everyone and gave subsidies to farmers and fisherman.Roads,rail and the infastructure of the country were built and mining and other industries were developed in the country.In a period of 8 years Iraq was transformed becoming the power house within the Middle East.Saddam introduced sweeping land reforms,taking the agricultural land away from corporate holdings and passing it directly to the peasant farmers,Saddam introduced farm cooperatives,in which profits were distributed in accordance with the labour of the individual peasant,the unskilled workers were given training and became skilled.Govermental expenditure doubled in 1974-1975.All of these early policies when Saddam was vice president managed to increase the productivity of the country and the living standards of the Iraqi people.
In 1979 President Bakr of Iraq made treaties with Assad of Syria,bringing the 2 countries closer together,Bakr resigned on July 16th 1979 and Saddam assumed the presidency.Saddam was to show his ruthless side when he convened an assembly which was videotaped,he claimed to have found spies and traitors within goverment and read out the names of those he thought were involved,each person whos name was read out was removed from the assembly and promptly shot dead.
Saddam Hussein saw himself as a revolutionary in the Islamic world,bring to Iraq secularisation and modernisation,giving women added freedoms and equality within goverment and industry.He took the country away from Islamic Sharia law and established western style law courts.Inorder to unite the various tribes,traditions,languages and religions,his approach was the "carrot and stick" coopting them with benefits to bring them on side with the goverment or repressive actions,most notably he cracked down on the Marsh Arabs where in his anger he ordered the draining of the marshes.Saddam dreamed of a united Arab and Islamic Middle East under his visionary goal,he devoted much rescources to archeological explorations,maintained the museums and artifacts of Iraq and was said to have been extremely proud of Iraqs ancient history often quoting Iraq as the "craddle of civilisation",he was seen many times dressed in traditional Bedouin clothing and even Kurdish national dress,in his effort to unite the peoples.Saddam went onto cultivate the Saddam cult and Iraq was adorned with portraits,statues and paintings of himself.In 1972 as vice president Iraq signed an aid pact with the Soviet union,thousands of military advisors were sent into Iraq to train the Iraqi armed forces along with subsidised military equipment,this relationship between Iraq and the former Soviet Union was strained when in 1978,Iraq shifted towards western influence and the execution of Iraqi Communists.With the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979,Saddam feared a popular uprising with the Iraqi Shia and there was much historical animosity between Saddam and Khomeini the Iranian Islamic leader.Khomeini had been exiled from Iran in 1964 under the Shah and took up residency in An Najaf in Iraq,Saddam agreed to expel Khomeini from Iraqi in 1978.Months after the Iranian revolution,skirmishes broke out along the disputed Shatt al Arab waterway which traditionally has been the border between the 2 countries.Open war fare between Iraq and Iran started on September 22,1980,Saddam and Iraq was supported by both the former Soviet Union and the United States of America.The war rapidly bogged down,becoming a war of attritution that neither side could win.The war officially ended 8 years later in 1988.War left 1.7 million dead on both sides and each countries economies shattered.Iraq was also held to a $75 billion debt from the United States.Saddelled with debt to the United States and its economy brocken,friction between Iraq and Kuwait became evident.The United States through its council led Saddam Hussein to believe that Kuwait was stealing Iraqi Oil reserves,through illegal under ground drilling,this had the affect of angering Saddam and Iraqis further,through Embassy backdoor negotiations,the United States led Saddam to believe that the U.S would not get involved in any disputes between the 2 countries.
On August 2nd 1980,Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait,thus sparking a world wide energy crisis,oil spiked from $10 a barrel to $40.George H Bush gathered an international military alliance and proceded to restore sovereignity to Kuwait,the war was to be fairly short lasting a few months,but devasting for Iraq,the high technology weaponry of the west decimated Iraqs armoured forces,reducing it to a shadow of its former self.The CIA backed a popular uprising of the Shia and the Kurds following the war,yet on implementation the CIA betrayed both,leaving them high and dry,Saddam crushed both uprisings which left an estimated 20,000 Shia dead and countless Kurds.
Iraq was then to enter 12 years of crippling U.N sanctions of which an estimated 500,000 Iraqis died from starvation.Iraq was subjected to humiliating inspections from the U.N WMD inspectors.Saddam Hussein allowed inspectors into Iraq until 1998 when he accused some inspectors of spying on Iraq and trying to formulate a coup against the country,subsequently U.N inspectors were banned.The U.S and Britain retaliated by ariel bombardment of specific govermental targets and enforced the no fly zone.There had always been much tension between Iraq and Israel,Iraq had covertly supported the Palestinians and awarded the families of suicide bombers $25,000.The animosity between the 2 countries great,with the Israeli bombing and destruction of Iraqs Nuclear power station,followed later by the scud missile attacks on Israel during the Kuwaiti war.
The Neoconservative PNAC doctrine under the Bush administration accredited Saddam Hussein to developing WMDs with the premise of using them,together with being involved in the planning and organisation of 911 (both were later to be proved false).In 2002 the U.S issued Saddam Hussein with an ultimatum,subsequently in March 2003 the U.S along with Britain and allies invaded the Sovereign state of Iraq against the will of the U.N and the world community.The initial Blitzkreig was short and the war was won within a matter of weeks.Official events with regard to Saddam Hussein are that both his sons Uday and Quasy were killed by U.S soldiers whilst resisting arrest and that Saddam Hussein went into hiding only to be captured on December 14th 2003 in Tikrit,the U.S paraded a desheviled Saddam infront of the international media,arrested him and held him in detention awaiting trial of which the date is to be determined,Saddam was transfered to a U.S military base outside of Iraq in late 2004.
Unofficial reports have stated another version of events.In that Saddam Hussein was involved personally in the battle at Baghdad airport around April 14th 2003,the same time that the Mainstream media was reporting incessantly on the rescue of Jessica Lynch.Unconfirmed reports from intelligence agencies,have stated that the battle at the airport was intense lasting for some 3 days in which the U.S took extremely high casualties,The battle was brought to fruition with the apparent use by the U.S of a tactical Neutron weapon of which killed thousands of Iraqi soldiers,a Spanish reporter and Saddam Hussein himself.Baghdad airport was closed for months after the battle and bulldozers were seen removing the topsoil,(this is speculation regarding unconfirmed reports).Saddam Husseins own daughter was quoted as saying that the man held in U.S custody is not her father,on his televised court appearance all voice transmission was not recorded,(some have said that this was to stop voice analysis),aid agencies and fingerprint and genetic DNA samples have all been refused by the U.S administration.

Disclaimer.This has been researched and written by one person and is based on speculation and interpretation of news and events.

Written by K.C.Moore and edited by newsout.blogspot.com

Saddam Hussein in 1983

Saddam Hussein at a memorial March

Saddam Hussein After Capture Dec 2003