February 18, 2005


Blair With Dr Rice Feb2005 (Reuters)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born in Edinburgh,Scotland on the 6th may 1953.His Father Leo was a barrister and later a law lecturer who was active in the Conservative Party,his ambitions to stand for Parliament in Durham was thwarted when he had a stroke, when Blair was 11 an event that affected Blair deeply.Most of his childhood years were spent in Durham,Northern England attending the Durham Choristers School,Blair was educated at Fettes College in Edinburgh,where he met Charlie Falconer whom in later years Blair would make Lord Chancellor.Blair read Law at St.Johns College Oxford after obtaining his degree,went onto enrol as a pupil barrister in the Chambers of Derry Irvine where he met his future wife Cherie Booth,they were married on the 29th March 1980 and have 3 sons and a daughter.Leo Blair holds the distinction of being the first child officially born to a sitting Prime Minister in 150 years.His Son Euan Blair was in the headlines when police found him drunk and incapable in Londons Leicester Square.Blair is of the Anglican Church whilst his wife Cherie a Roman Catholic,their children were baptised Roman Catholic.Many have stated that Tony Blair is the most Devout of Prime Ministers since Gladstone and that Faith guides him in goverment,others find this strange with Blairs apparent Satanic bloodlust, first ordering the NATO Bombardment of the former Yugoslavia and going onto invade Iraq culminating in the deaths and injuries of over 100,000 Iraqis,Blair has neither appologised or tried to stop the subsequent killing in Iraq.
Blair went on to join the Labour Party in 1975,he was involved in the Hackney South Labour Party but failed a selection,Blair then asked Tom Pendry a friend of his father in law for advice and guidance,Pendry advised him to run as the Beaconsfield candidate in a by-election,he lost gaining only 10% of the vote and losing his deposit although this impressed the then Labour Leader Michael Foot.In 1983 Blair ran for selection in the Sedgefield Constituency close to where he grew up of which he won.Once in Parliament he rose quite rapidly in 1984 becoming shadow assistant treasury spokesman and in 1987 promoted to the Trade and Industry team as spokesman for the City of London.In 1988 he entered the Shadow Cabinet becoming Secretary of State for energy and in 1992 became Shadow Home Secretary under John Smith.John Smith died very suddenly and unexpectedly in 1994 from a heart attack and after several meetings with the European Bilderberg Group became Labour Party Leader.Blair revitalised Labour bringing in spin doctors and transitioning the name "New Labour" which some say transformed the party,critics have argued that it was nothing more than gloss and show without substance,in time the critics were proved right.With divisions in the Conservative Party over Europe and the Economy Labour won a landslide victory in 1997.He appointed Gordon Brown as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.It has been widely reported that a power sharing deal was done between the 2 where Blair would hand the Premiership over to Brown after 2 successive terms,Blair later apparently reneged on this deal which has caused a rift between both themselves and their supporters.Blairs Labour Goverment has been filled with controvesy over its tenure,from the Hinduja passport scandal,to twice disgraced Peter Mandelson over fraud allegations of which later Blair promoted to secretary for Trade within the European Union,Jobs for the boys were open ended School chum Falconer he appointed Attorney General,among other positions.Some questioned Blairs ethics in his choices for positions.Illegal immigration became enormous into Britain with increased crime and social problems,Beverly Hughes the minister under the Home Secretary resigned for lying to Parliament in 2004,followed later in the year by David Blunket the Home Secretary himself for lying to Parliament over fast tracking an immigration visa for his partners nanny a Phillipino.Alistair Campbell Downing street press advisor went the same way, resigning over abuse of power in 2003.Blair extended the alcohol licensing laws to 24 hour opening even though Britain was already suffering from a binge drinking epidemic and laws allowing Las Vegas style gambling into Britain has been granted,with Tony Blair knowing that this will bring increased organised crime,prostitution,drugs and social decay.He resided over the War in Iraq of which Kofi Annan of the U.N stated was illegal and against the wishes of the British public,some 2.4 million citizens protested against the war,yet still Blair took the country to war on the premise of WMD,neither which has he adequately apologised to the British people for misleading the country to war or to the 100,000 Iraqis that have been either killed or maimed by his actions,still after all the original justifications for war have evaporated British troops are still in Iraq with no apparent exit strategy. He is in the process of signing away many of Britains powers to Brussels in Belgium.
His closeness to President Bush has earned him disdain not only internationally but domestically.Some would argue that Blair is a hard working,thorough and decent man, working on behalf of the people of the country,others would state that he is a self serving dangerous ego maniac that is concerned more about his appearance and his place in the history books,Under his tenure crime,alcoholism,drug abuse and immigration have become epidemics in Britain.he has done much to destroy the National Sovereignty and Culture of Britain that no other Primeminister has done before.An attempted impeachment was announced on August 25th 2004 citing that Blair had "caused injury to the state" and "breached his constitutional duties"by lying to Parliament,the Impeachment an ancient constitutional law was backed by Plaid Cymru a Welsh Political Party,none the less,such an attempt is unlikely to succeed as Conservative MPs have been instructed not to sign the motion and Liberal Democrat support is patchy at best.Blair suffered minor heart problems and was diagnosed with tachycardia of which he underwent treatment.Blair suffers much ridicule within the Press and the General Public at large,his name is often changed from Blair to B Liar.One old man was quoted as saying that "Blair tells so many lies that he must be suffering from a mental medical condition","so i do not know wether to be angry at him for incessantly lying or pity him for being ill".

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Blair And Brown with Mandela Feb2005 (AP)

Blair and Mandela In London Feb2005 (Reuters)