February 16, 2005

Vladamir Putin.Russian President.

Russian President Putin 2004 (Reuters)

Official Version.
Vladamir Putin was born to factory worker parents in Lenningrad (now St Petersburg) on October 7th,1952 Vladamir Vladimirovich Putin was raised in social housing as an only child after his 2 brothers died in childhood,one at birth and one during the 900 day Nazi Seige.His Mother Maria had Vladamir secretly baptised as an Orthodox Christian and he is now a practicing member of the Church.
As a Teenager Vladamir Putin was chosen to attend a school for Lenningrads most intelligent students,where he excelled gaining a keen interest in martial arts of which he became a black belt.Vladamir had a keen and inquisitive mind which he put to use involving himself in political and current affair groups.A quiet and methodical student Vladamir went on to attend Lenningrad State University to study civil law.He became Lenningrads judo champion in 1974 and graduated from university in 1975.On completing his education he was offered a position within the KGB.He was sent to and trained in Moscow,studying languages becoming fluent in German,in 1985 he was sent to East Germany to spy on NATO member nations living undercover and taking the name "Adamov" working as the director of the Soviet-German House of Friendship.
In 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin wall and reunification of Germany,Vladamir returned to Russia taking a position within his old University in Lenningrad reaquainting himself with his old professor Anatoly A Sobchak,chairman of the city council becoming his aide and helping Sobchak win the 1991 mayoral race.Putin left the services of the KGB in 1996 when Sobchak lost the 1996 reelection campaign.Putin went on to join President Boris Yeltsins administration at the Kremlin before being appointed to Head the Federal Security Bureau in 1998.
Yeltsin named Putin Russian Prime minster on August 1999.Putin was the 5th person to hold the position within a year and a half.Four months after Putins appointment President Yeltsin Resigned and named Putin as his successor.Open elections were later held in Russia,Putin Supported by his wife Lyudmila which he married in the 80s and his 2 teenage daugthers Katya and Maria ran away with the Russian Presidential election becoming Russias second democratically elected President.Putin went onto to place many ex KGB colleagues into high ranking positions within his goverment and went to work cracking down on Chechneya and trying to support and uplift the Russian Economy.Putin had inherited many problems within Russia ranging from crime gangs to corruption within its infastructure.Putin has played his political hand skillfully in the international arena and with the improvement of the Russian economy and Chechen conflict Putin was relected for a second Presidential term in March 2004.
Putins Family and early life has been patchy and sketchy at best the official version out of the Kremlin is that Putins Father died in 1996 and that his mother had died 6 months previously.The official death statements made journalists suspicious,whom later went on to trace Putins mother Vera Putyna aged 73 to Georgia s Kaspi-Metehi village.Putins Mother stated "I am not dead,i am alive".
Newspapers reported that secret service agents arrived at the village before the journalists and instructed the villagers to be quiet about Putin.Villagers knew Putin as Vova and this is how his mother called him.Putin lived in the village between the ages of 3 to 10.
Vera Putin said that she was born and raised in the Urals and that the man she met at technical school became Vovas (Putins) father.Vera Putin left him after finding out that he was already married when she was expecting a baby and that Vova went to live with her mother and father.She continued her education at Tashkent and met Gyorgi Osepasvilli a Soviet Army serviceman.They got married and moved to Metehi village.Her mother brought Vova at the age of 3 to Metehi.She says her husband was unwilling of Vova and her will of togetherness with her son,she returned to Georgia for her daughters and kept them superior to Vova.
Her Fathers illness caused her mother to give the child to nursery.Her husbands sister took Vova to Tifilis,The Georgian capital and gave him to the wife of an army captain.She went to Tifilis and took him back.Her husband and his sister did everything possible to seperate them and finally they succeded.
Putins mother says and even more interesting that the "KGB came and took Vovas photographs and instructed her not to talk about her son".

2004 Putin re-elected Russian President.
2000 Putin elected Russian President.
1999 Putin appointed Russian Prime Minster.
1998 Putin Appointed Director of FSB.
1997 Putin Heads main controlling Department of the Presidential administration.
1996 Putin Resigns position from KGB.
1994 Putin assigned Deputy Mayor
1990 Putin Advisor of the Lenningrad State Universitys rector on World Cooperation
1985 Putin worked for KGB in East Germany,known as "Adamov" a director of the Soviet-German Friendship house in Berlin.
1975 Putin graduated with civil law at Lenningrad University.
1974 Putin wins Lennigrad Judo championship.
1952 Putin Born October 7th
The dates between 1952 and 1974 are undetermined between an official and unofficial version.

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